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Signs Of Awakening

“Today’s message centers on signs of awakening to humanity’s true nature. Many souls agreed to this natural event to experience before birthing into human form. This is not to say that all souls agreed to do this but all humans are feeling the effects of awakening as earth morphs back to the Light from whence it came.

“For those unaware of the background of today’s message, here’s some information to help you understand what is being said. Earth was a body of Light many, many eons ago just as many other planets. It is now time for earth to return to that state and this will be accomplished within this Golden Age of 2,000 years, which started in 2012. Earth is morphing and changing constantly to return to this state of being and as she does so too must all upon her. Many cannot withstand the changes and leave earth to undergo this process at a later time. Many are not aware of these changes… This message is to expand upon previous discussions to a few particular signs of awakening.

“First there’s the ear ringing. Yes, ear ringing can be a sign of awakening, especially for those with constant tones in their left ear, as higher realms connect with humanity and download certain codes of information. Many humans think this is a medical condition and seek help from health-care professionals. This is not to say that some of humanity may not have what is called a medical condition but only a heads-up to let you know that not all ear ringing is the result of a human deformity diagnosed by the health care system.

“Another condition many humans have trouble dealing … Yes, the veils are thinning and humanity is now much more able to access other dimensions not only while asleep but more so in the daytime. Of course, first the 4-D realm of reality becomes more visible to certain humans and as this occurs many people may feel uneasy, become psychotic, from 4-D attachments. It is with a great deal of caution that I, Wendy Olivia Wright, relay this information. Some people allow their aura to become open, torn, defective, if you will and when this happens along with heightened intuition, this can become more cumbersome. For many humans sense these energies, allow them, unknowingly to channel through them, and become lost in their own reality. Their own life and reality is then replaced with that of these energies from the 4-D realm. This is not a pleasant experience.

“Mom is becoming nervous as she tries to step aside for me to relate this but I want to make one thing clear before this message ends… .” (Wendy had very heightened intuition and often told me to ‘walk with one foot in both worlds.’ But she tried to turn off her own senses in 2005. I note this in my second book after we had a duplicate dream of her brother while at a conference in Manhattan, New York.)

“Please, if you are having any changes in how you relate to life, any ear ringing, any voices that seem to speak to you at all hours of the day and night, before you place your peace of mind, your body and your life in the hands of the medical system, sit back. Focus on your heart and ask, ‘Is this coming from the real me?’ Ask people who appear to be tuned into a greater sense of spiritual reality for information on these subjects, search the internet for information and know you are not the only one feeling and experiencing these signs of awakening.

“Intuition heightens as we …   couple that increased intuition with tears in auras and 4-D communication, it can wreck havoc in our lives.”

WOW out.

Full message in After Death Communications…WOW!

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Dimensions Of Consciousness Class Excerpt

As we continue to raise planet earth’s vibration much occurs that needs recognition and clearing. Being aware of our multidimensionality helps greatly to remain calm and out of the mass consciousness that needs to, yet again, experience limitation to finally say, “NO More! As a sovereign being I recognize and now take back my Power to make my perfect world”.

Enjoy this excerpt from a class held at the Theosophical Society in Deerfield Beach, Florida, which includes information from several of my books.

Dimensions Of Consciousness


Dimensions Of Consciousness is from
Book of One 🙂 Volume 5


Change Your World Video is an excerpt from After Death Communications…WOW!

Dream description in
Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log

Information on how to change our world through dream time is from
Book Of One 🙂 Volume 4.

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Grounding Higher Energies

Grounding Higher Energies

Heart Coherence Breathing


Support those who support you.
It is as simple as that.

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Feeding Probabilities

Shall we make it clear that one lives in a world of their own making? The world in which one lives is a frequency, a bandwidth of consciousness filled with emotion leading to thoughts, which build frequencies and probabilities. Let us, for instance, note one may live in a world where chaos seems all around (with people afraid of the very air they breathe) but yet one has the gift of being in the eye of the storm (using intuition), a place where no chaos exists.

Neutrality is the key to enter and exist in this pure state of being where no judgment lives. As each soul in physicality experiences and expresses during these times of what appears as gross change thorough chaos and confusion, there seems no better way to exist.

As a magnetic being living in a magnetic world, knowing emotions are magnetic and therefore attract what one emotes, it is prudent to remain conscious of emotions. Feel them fully before recognizing that they are the feelings, emotions of a human, and yet the Essence of that human is no where near one of a dense physical being living in a dense physical world.

Evolution continues as each soul balances all unique life experiences and expressions. As a human evolves it takes on more of its soul until that soul is fully incorporated, embodied, within the human form, finally giving birth to the next root race. And that is the crux of what occurs today!


Enjoy this excerpt from the soul messages for humanity book, After Death Communications…WOW!
Emotion And Thought

Remember, as we re-member, there is ALL ways another way to perceive things. Choose the state of awareness that suits your highest good to flow more easily through this matrix of time/space reality.

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Free Will

Free Will (Book Excerpt)

Free Will

Enjoy this book excerpt shared during the Conscious Living In The Midst Of Chaos Series that was facilitated at the Theosophical Society in Deerfield Beach.

For PC users, right-click on video link to download it to your computer.

Free Will



Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

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World Changes

“But one must be aware of what seems to be happening on all levels and still feed only those levels one wishes to experience. I hope this is clear for there are a great many souls who chose to experience certain things on earth that other souls will not experience. It is a matter of free will and choice once in human form.

“The trick is to be aware that as souls we all came to experience certain things and as souls, while still on earth in 3-D reality, those choosing to experience one set of circumstances the most will rule, so to speak. This does not mean that each human will experience what mass consciousness chooses to experience. Only those souls wishing to experience certain things will and those souls not wishing to experience certain things (unaware of soul choices or choices available in human form) will experience only what they as souls, and as humans using free will, will experience.

“So, there will be many changes world-wide in coming months and these changes will affect all of humanity, some humans more than others. This will be because some humans will prepare for these changes, while being aware of their possibilities, without feeding that energy.

“Yes, it is a tricky concept to understand. To put it more clearly, be aware of the possibilities by paying attention to what comes across your radar screen, so to speak. Even if you do not watch news or read news there will be times, small hints, of what is to come that will be available for you to learn. Listen, pay attention to these hints, and know that your energy can feed these circumstances into fruition or not. You can sense whether these potential changes will affect you by focusing on your heart. Be aware of the circumstance. Take the time to go within, by concentrating on the Divine Spark within, and ask yourself, ‘Did I as a soul chose to experience this?’

“If as a human, you sense the experience is part of your soul’s journey, prepare as well as you can to weather though the circumstance. You can also chose to lessen or even avoid the experience chosen as a soul. But remember, since each soul is here to experience, chances are that if you do not experience one course of action in this life you shall return in human form to experience it as desired by your soul.

“Trust your self to make the best possible decision as humanity moves though these world-wide changes. Remain in your heart space and be aware that there are unseen realms to assist you. The purpose of those unseen realms is to help you to tap into your own unique Divine Spark to be your own guide….

After Death, Communications…WOW!

Enjoy Messages For Humanity!

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Change Your World

We are becoming more in tune with our True Nature of Love, of Light, of Wholeness, of Joy, of Peace and Prosperity. As you move through your day, be aware of the vast multitude of possibilities that lie before you as a member of the Whole. Humanity is but a small part of this Whole and yet it, as all parts, affects the Whole. You are much more powerful than imagined. Go forth knowing the Power you possess to change the world in all ways.

Change Your World


Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!