Miracles And Grace Amid Chaos

“Humanity strikes out in the midst of darkness because it has no other way to be in 3-D. It is the charge of humanity to change old ways of being. But before that occurs much of humanity will strike out against those who they feel are in power. The time is coming when this happening will change things on earth, particularly for those in America. I know we have discussed this subject before but it bears repeating for the time is nearing, closer and closer to the chaos that could erupt as the result of government and global changes.

“This is not to say that these changes can not occur with peace and goodwill toward all, but humanity being humanity, locked in a circle of separation and duality, has never faced change with grace and ease. Those humans who think more in line with 5-D reality will fare better than others for they will tap into their intuition as never before to get though what could be gross disruptions in humanity’s way of life….

“Humanity is now nearing what many refer to as dark ages, times where they believe all chaos will erupt. But this is not so. This is not to be. The higher realms forces will assure that humanity not make the mistakes of past ages. Sure, it will be different with disruptions but there will be a blend of miracles and grace to the mix. It will not be all chaos for everyone. Yet those souls who came to experience gross disturbances, mass chaos, will do so, while those souls who came into form on earth to experience grace and ease during these times will do so.

“Try to determine which segment of society you fit into and plan accordingly. As a human in human form, you have free will and can make another choice. Even though your soul chose a certain experience, it does not mean that you have to experience it. So try to find time to go within, take the time needed to be still and ask your soul, exactly what it desires as these times of possible disruption unfold….”

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