Incorporating Aspects Necessary For True BEing

At this point in the ascension process it becomes vital to recognize all aspects of the small self, to realize that they all exist within, to recognize them, accept them, and consciously live and be the ones in which, I for one, know to be true. For it is only in accepting all the aspects of light and dark that one moves forward in the process of ascension, awakening to the God-like qualities within.

These days are of a far greater importance to humanity than previously thought nor envisioned. They offer an opportunity for humanity to coalesce as one on a much greater level than ever before. This coalescence, bringing together, if you will, is all that is needed to assist humanity in the next step in what many would refer to as its evolution, the evolution of returning to the Oneness of which I AM. This Oneness is apparent in all who seek it and is visible in physical ways to those living the Law of One.

Seek not to displeasure another as another is yourself. Each circumstance, reaction, experience, each seemingly other person one comes in contact with, reacts to, addresses or ignores is yet another aspect of the Self, to be recognized and incorporated within the realm, the physical beingness, the aura, the vibration, the torus of the one completing the work of returning to fullness of BEing.

Know ye all, as these days unfold in a mass of fury and chaos filled with chaotic events upon the earth, each circumstance, each experience, each reaction is yet another clue to assist one on the path of evolution of self mastery, if you will, of returning to the full BEingness of I AM.
There is no name given for this source so I suspect it to be coming from one of the various aspects of me, thankfully which continues to drop in giving hints to assist in the incorporation of all aspects to finally return to True BEing.

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