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Global Choice

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 2 excerpt!

As powerful lightcodes continue to bombard earth to awaken humanity we are faced with increasing opportunities of cleansing and transmuting energies that no longer serve humanity in the form of gross chaos. Being clear in our intentions and monitoring our reactions, thoughts, words, and deeds assists us to raise our vibrational rate and steer clear of the chaos.

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 2 book excerpt and know, no one is alone in the journey back to Christ Consciousness and a greater reality of Truth, Love, Light, Wholeness and Communion.


Global Choice

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Book Of One : – ) Volume 2

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Signs Of Awakening

“Today’s message centers on signs of awakening to humanity’s true nature. Many souls agreed to this natural event to experience before birthing into human form. This is not to say that all souls agreed to do this but all humans are feeling the effects of awakening as earth morphs back to the Light from whence it came.

“For those unaware of the background of today’s message, here’s some information to help you understand what is being said. Earth was a body of Light many, many eons ago just as many other planets. It is now time for earth to return to that state and this will be accomplished within this Golden Age of 2,000 years, which started in 2012. Earth is morphing and changing constantly to return to this state of being and as she does so too must all upon her. Many cannot withstand the changes and leave earth to undergo this process at a later time. Many are not aware of these changes… This message is to expand upon previous discussions to a few particular signs of awakening.

“First there’s the ear ringing. Yes, ear ringing can be a sign of awakening, especially for those with constant tones in their left ear, as higher realms connect with humanity and download certain codes of information. Many humans think this is a medical condition and seek help from health-care professionals. This is not to say that some of humanity may not have what is called a medical condition but only a heads-up to let you know that not all ear ringing is the result of a human deformity diagnosed by the health care system.

“Another condition many humans have trouble dealing … Yes, the veils are thinning and humanity is now much more able to access other dimensions not only while asleep but more so in the daytime. Of course, first the 4-D realm of reality becomes more visible to certain humans and as this occurs many people may feel uneasy, become psychotic, from 4-D attachments. It is with a great deal of caution that I, Wendy Olivia Wright, relay this information. Some people allow their aura to become open, torn, defective, if you will and when this happens along with heightened intuition, this can become more cumbersome. For many humans sense these energies, allow them, unknowingly to channel through them, and become lost in their own reality. Their own life and reality is then replaced with that of these energies from the 4-D realm. This is not a pleasant experience.

“Mom is becoming nervous as she tries to step aside for me to relate this but I want to make one thing clear before this message ends… .” (Wendy had very heightened intuition and often told me to ‘walk with one foot in both worlds.’ But she tried to turn off her own senses in 2005. I note this in my second book after we had a duplicate dream of her brother while at a conference in Manhattan, New York.)

“Please, if you are having any changes in how you relate to life, any ear ringing, any voices that seem to speak to you at all hours of the day and night, before you place your peace of mind, your body and your life in the hands of the medical system, sit back. Focus on your heart and ask, ‘Is this coming from the real me?’ Ask people who appear to be tuned into a greater sense of spiritual reality for information on these subjects, search the internet for information and know you are not the only one feeling and experiencing these signs of awakening.

“Intuition heightens as we …   couple that increased intuition with tears in auras and 4-D communication, it can wreck havoc in our lives.”

WOW out.

Full message in After Death Communications…WOW!

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Earth Standstill: Prepare

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt!

Your world spins out of control as the chaos accelerates only to abruptly place the world in a standstill. This period of quietness, stillness, shutdown will assist all those on earth to adjust to the incoming higher frequencies. Incoming higher frequencies are now blessing earth and its inhabitants. These frequencies arrive from various sources, which you know as ….  Know that the standstill upon your earth will last but for a short time, and yet to those unprepared this time will seem much too long.

Those ready to assist humanity continue to share the Light of One and in coming days will increase their efforts to play their roles more completely.

It is with the greatest respect that we ask those on earth to prepare for this stand down, this shutdown, this time of stillness. This time allows the systems of earth to adjust on all levels as it allows the human systems of the body to adjust and become more in tune with their own source of information. Know that these changes upon your earth are necessary to balance and harmonize not only with one another but all earth systems and the very earth itself. As the earth also balances and harmonizes, it moves through space toward its final completion cycle… …

Full article in Book Of One : – ) Volume 6.

Also Consider Book Of One : – ) Volume 5

Book of One : – ) Volume 5: Group Consciousness Messages helps readers to understand the role of higher realm Group Consciousness in humanity’s ascension. Inspiring messages from groups such as the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine, Lemurian Council Of Twelve and the Galactic Federation reach people in different states of wakefulness, while relating earth and ethereal events during humanity’s ascension. SAM also shares various extraordinary experiences making this volume an excellent bedside companion. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for the messages within it serve as reminders from Home, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity.

Visit SAM’s author’s page at Amazon.