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Key To Well-Being

Enjoy this book excerpt from The Book Of One 🙂 Series!

As many times before, the computer begins to act erratically, today just at the time when I think I’m done preparing a class, and done with what I refer to as ‘brain’ activities for the day. This time, I stop to listen and Wendy seems to come through…

“Things are really a hotbed of drama now for all on earth, but let it not cause alarm as those with higher vibrations continue to dwell in their own serene world unaffected by what the masses seem to experience. I am, and will remain, in the astral part of consciousness to guide all who wish to tap into a higher rate of vibration—lol, who would have thought—to assist with the journey of becoming more in line with the God being that we truly are.

“As my so-called consciousness seems to accelerate, so too shall what seems as an “I,” but for the time being, and many months, and yes years, to come my consciousness is available to those who seek it. And I might add, in the case of my momma, when I constantly interrupt her usual activities to be heard.

“That being said, remember to, as always, remain in the consciousness that gives you the joy, the health, the well-being you as a soul came to experience at its fullest extent. Not all souls choose this state, but it is available always to those that learn the ability to tap into what seems as their own consciousness, to manipulate experience and expression in what seems as one physical life, body.

“Care for yourself, as no other individual or entity will ever know what truly occurs within your own consciousness. Therefore, you have the key to well-being by tapping into your own consciousness; you don’t need outside forces to manipulate that consciousness to the extent that meets their own purposes. Remember as things continue to erupt violently in the world that you alone are responsible for your own experience, so don’t become a victim in your own mind, but know you, at any point, can make a decision to improve life as you know it.

“That’s it for today. And as my consciousness continues to interrupt that soul now known as my mom, and she stops to listen, more communications will come. Enough said.”
“WOW out.”

Find more messages for humanity from WOW in “After Death Communications…WOW!” Consider supporting this website with a donation or by purchasing a print copy for yourself, a friend, or family member. And Know: There has never been a time more greater to play our role in this human drama, so recognize yours and reach out to those with the same role to play it to the HILT!
After Death…Communications, WOW! By Sharon Ann Meyer.

Description: This life is a journey of awakening to humanity’s true nature and yes, for me, it includes what seems to be the loss of not one but both of my beloved children. My son left his physical form via a tragic motorcycle accident on I-95 in the wee hours of a Palm Sunday morning. The date was 4/4/04 and my journey of awakening to our true nature arrived as we then communicated. His sister’s graduation to life, on the other side of this veil we have become accustomed to living behind, spurred me further toward the Oneness consciousness of which we truly are.

After Death…Communications, WOW! is the thirteenth book in the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series.” It holds after-death communications, messages for humanity, that seemed to come from my beloved daughter, Wendy Olivia Wright, who took her own life on 12/4/15. She relates many messages concerning suicide and transitions, soul evolution, spiritual growth, the earth game, and global transformation. Allow these words to comfort, inform and inspire you!

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