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Unceasing Evolutionary Growth

Distractions are quite common during times of heightened Light activity, portals, gateways and other life-affirming circumstances all because we live in a world of duality. That world changes quickly with each focus on the highest good of ALL rather than the few, the LOVE rather than the hate, the TRUTH rather than the lies, and it is all through our focus that we systematically change the darkness of duality, ever so slowly, to the brilliant LIGHT of evolved Consciousness.
This day, like any other day, is yet another opportunity to shine our unique LIGHT, to focus on life-affirming possibilities, to hold the LIGHT for those that may be caught up in a downward spiral.
Remember, each soul chose its expression and experience before coming into form and continues, as a human, to use free will to make their own unique world. This is not to say, that each soul will continue to stay in that world, for, YES, the world is changing quickly with each pulse, each wave, each bio-photon of LIGHT that merges into earth’s atmosphere and all upon and within her.
Take care in coming days as humanity moves though portal after portal, gateway after gateway, passage after passage, for there will be no rest between these periods of evolutionary GROWTH.
Self-care is always important and especially paramount at this time!
Enjoy the book excerpt below.

Adjusting To Higher Ascension Frequencies

“Adjusting to higher frequencies is probable and easily done by those willing to ascend. It is but an easy task for those willing to forgo old habits of eating and drinking as most humans, of harboring and portraying old thoughts keeping one in the limitation of lower frequencies of living.
“A greater beingness exists for all of humanity to experience, and yet, this greater aspect of Consciousness is savored by few, for many are not willing, nor ready, to forgo the old habits and propensities keeping one locked in what may be referred to as the old world.
“It is with the greatest respect that we Sisters and Brothers of Light continue to guide those ready to ascend to a greater frequency, a more expansive view of what is possible, while still seeming to be in human form. Admittedly, we ourselves have not experienced the exact replication and morphing, if you will, process that humanity undergoes; yet, we are fully aware, this task is yet another step along the upward spiraling path which all eventually climb, so to speak, to reach greater evolutions of consciousness within the One of all that is, and was, and ever shall be.
“Adjusting to greater frequencies shall continue to become the focus of those remaining upon the New Earth, for as the old earth continues to dismantle, as systems continue to fall by the wayside to be replaced with higher frequencies, greater ways of living and being upon a physical earth, the propensities and habits of each unique human shall continue to change matching these higher frequencies.
“Know that as the old systems continue to crumble creating chaos and confusion, one is easily led to the upward spiral of ease and grace by remaining in a state of neutrality knowing this, as all change, is a natural process of evolution. Adjusting to higher frequencies is a necessity as Gaia continues to adjust her own state of being.
“It is with the greatest respect that we honor those moving through these processes that have chosen to remain upon an ever-changing earth.”

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