Blackouts and Downloads

While some may experience what seems as similar occurrences, downloads and Light Activation symptoms change with each of our ever-changing states of awareness. Listening to the body as to what’s required helps to move through these onslaughts such as the 65-hour blackout period just experienced 😉 Find more on downloads at And know, those … Continue reading Blackouts and Downloads

Unrelenting Cosmic Downloads

Enjoy these excerpts from Book Of One :-). One is always best served by caring for the physical host as humanity continues to move through unrelenting Cosmic energies. While serving to release denser and time-worn energies, this assistance from higher aspects of our very own selves continues to help Mother Earth and all within and … Continue reading Unrelenting Cosmic Downloads

Cosmic Downloads Create Body Changes

Enjoy these excerpts from Book Of One :-). We are expanding the possibilities through unseen forces as valleys of lows and highs extend throughout the ascension process. Unrelenting Cosmic energies continue to enter earth and all upon and within her, changing vibrational frequencies. Human body frequencies change as these downloads occur and body cells split … Continue reading Cosmic Downloads Create Body Changes

Behaviors During Energy Downloads

“Behaviors will change with these downloads of Light, Consciousness/Energy. These behaviors will change with those taking on the Light as well as those not assimilating the Light so effectively or efficiently. Humans unaware of the process do not assimilate the Light as effectively or efficiently. Those not choosing to undergo the process will return to … Continue reading Behaviors During Energy Downloads

Changing Systems

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 4 excerpt! “We release you from the bondage you have created yourselves. It is our great honor to help you with this process of being more in tune with your True Self. In coming days, humanity shall see many changes, global, financial, weather and changes in … Continue reading Changing Systems

VIVID Dreams Spark Eureka Moment

Luminous white sparks of revelations come while moving through the last of this morning’s transmuting, clearing and cleansing of VIVID dreams, which began after midnight. This ensuing eureka moment comes, of course, along with the usual Light Activation signs such as increased body heat, sinus drainage, repeated bouts of expelled gas, rampant thirst and subsequent … Continue reading VIVID Dreams Spark Eureka Moment

Speck of Illusion

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 6 excerpt! Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff, and yes, it is all small stuff. As the world seems to go deeper and deeper into an unrecognizable state of disarray, keep steady with the knowledge that you are, when all is said and done, just a … Continue reading Speck of Illusion

Experiencing Geomagnetic Frequencies

It seems as if the downloads of higher energies never stop but change in experience. Last nights experience included the usual signs such as insomnia near dawn, a restlessness causing me to move body parts around via Qi Gong and light exercise, frequent urination, thirst and incessant upper body heat; and then, finally, as usual … Continue reading Experiencing Geomagnetic Frequencies

Lifting Veils Warrant Attention

As earth continues to adjust to higher frequencies those upon her continue to adjust as well. Among other signs, one may notice periods of repeated varying temperatures, hot then cold, throughout this process as downloads of frequencies continue to bombard the earth field and surrounding areas. As one who has moved through this process many, … Continue reading Lifting Veils Warrant Attention

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