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What Do You Feed?

“The seeds of tomorrow are planted today. Each emotion, each thought carries a certain charge. And the charge you give to that emotion and thought builds what you call your future.”

What Do You Feed?

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“Let’s discuss distractions today, shall we? As mom channels this, she is dealing with the distractions of street traffic, a small dog barking, and people talking periodically. This is the state humanity now finds its self in, dealing with distractions as it tries to recognize the true state of affairs on many different levels.

“I’d like to report that this will improve very quickly but, alas, it will not. And that is one reason many of the new souls are coming to earth at this time. That is the reason many older souls are finding themselves in the odd situations they now find themselves in. The reason for these distractions is to help both new and old souls to concentrate amid increasing distractions.

“If you can concentrate on performing tasks amid increasing distractions, you will achieve the greatest feat of all time, recognizing the True Self within. It is this True Self that is being kept at bay by not only those that chose as souls to not recognize it but also by those souls who came in to distract other souls from recognizing the true nature of humanity and thus ending the earth game.

“Yes, we are again discussing the end of the earth game as humanity knows it. This will be achieved by those souls who learn to perform amid distractions. So when you find yourself distracted by family, by friends, by world events, by every little thing, know that these distractions are helping you to stop and become more in tune with your own vibrational rate.

“Once you become in tune with your own vibrational rate you are better able to recognize that rate when distractions occur and hone it to perfection. By recognizing distractions for what they are, ploys to keep you from tuning into your True Self, you are better able to be that True Self on a more consistent basis.

“WOW out”

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Living With Distractions

As this message came through, a small plane circled above the entire time. I’m now looking for the local Ben & Jerry’s that has free ice cream until 8 pm!

“How can we appreciate living in the present moment when we keep dwelling in the past? This is the issue of many in physical form, including my mother. Today we know that living in the present moment is the only way to exist for when we dwell on the past, what happened, what could have been, we stop our self from recognizing the beauty of each present moment.

“So how can we live in the present moment? It is a clear matter of choice. We choose to live in the present moment by appreciating each precious moment and stopping our self from dwelling in the past. This is easily done by careful monitoring of thought. Each thought bears an energy signature. Each thought results in a subsequent action, reaction or response. Each thought can carry the thinker to the past, the present or the future.

“It is only in the present moment that we are able to withstand daily pressures. It is only in the present moment that we are able to hone our senses and filter out distractions. And that is what this is all about. We are here during these times of unprecedented distractions to learn how to filter them out. ‘How’, you might ask? By being within them, by living within the very distractions we must learn to filter out. For it is only by living within distractions that one learns to live with them and yet filter them out.

“For instance, take the example of people who have lived in New York for their entire lives. Many of these people are uncomfortable in areas of silence to the point where they bring some kind of audio device to mimic their hometown, a mix of traffic, sirens, and everyday distractions to help them feel at home so sleep comes easily.

“Yes, it is through living within distractions that one finds the daring to trust and move beyond the course of events to create a stillness within one’s self. It is by living within the distractions that one learns the whole of silence is within waiting to be tapped into and explored. Live within the distractions to be able to live within each present moment for soon distractions will rule the day.

“WOW out”

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