Lightbody Steps………. Number One – Three

As energies continue to shift light cells within human frames those desiring to forward this process may incorporate certain practices into daily life. Use these first videos below to increase the body’s light quotient in a sequential manner. Follow the steps…it is now common for lightworkers to receive the light and then share it with humanity, each video helps us to meet this joyous mission of love!

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ENJOY STEP#1! Radiating Heart Energy

ENJOY STEP#2! World Healing Meditation

ENJOY STEP#3! Expanding Light

Stay tuned for sequential steps such as Lightbody Activation and Lightbody Expansion!

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

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