Courses Of Action

Seeming to possess a mind within a body on earth, one may follow logical trains of thought to proceed to what seems as logical conclusions. One can also tune into ones essence and follow the heart consciousness to conclude completely different thoughts. So what avenue does one take to secure the best life?

Obviously the train of thought and heart resonance that one has focused on for eons no longer works if one believes they are a soul in human form experiencing life after life in a game on earth.

Does believing all is illusion work to help one through the maze to avoid chaos, which seems to be increasing on earth?

Following ones own source of truth can easily lead one to the logical and heart based conclusion that all is indeed illusion.

But before one achieves this great feat of evolved consciousness all thought forms and energetic strings holding the consciousness to earth, the so-called illusory soul, must be dissipated. This occurs as one continues to address all thoughts as illusion, while seeming to balance the experience of soul on the earth plane. For as time seems to continue in a space referred to as earth, it is only through moving through the matrix of illusion that one can free itself from energetic thought forms.

Yes, the Law of Attraction does play into each human’s life and chaos appears or seems to appear as time seems to unfold, but it is merely a matter of moving though the chaos as an experience rather than a trial that assists one in achieving the end result of freedom from all energetic thought forms. In other words, what we resist persists. What we allow to unfold in its own manner, moving though it without reaction but conscious response achieves the feat of freedom in the sense that experience balances and thought, having been allowed to unfold in its own manner, dissipates without resistance.

Shall we approach this in another way? While seeming to live on earth in human form one moves through the process from infant to adult. During this evolving consciousness, the thought form of a human evolves to a point where it no longer wishes to experience life in form (having connected with the energetic thought form of a soul taking on life after life). This is not to say that all humans are ready to end their stints in experience and expression on earth but to merely note that many seeming to be on earth at this time are ready to return to the Source of all things, or experience and express in different ways.

As confusing as this may seem, it is of note that each human awakens to its essence in its own time. The unwillingness to awaken to illusion is a valid choice for those who choose it. And yet the game continues as long as individual aspects of creation experience what seems as life on earth.

Aspects of Consciousness now gather as One, remembering the unity of all things to play games in other areas of Consciousness. But it is only through the total dissipation of all energetic thought forms that one achieves this feat.

So how does one go about achieving this feat of dissipating energetic thought forms? By continuing to move though the process of evolution, responding as necessary when faced with situations appearing via the Law of Attraction. Seeking to engage in energetic thought forms serves only to increase their value, making them appear more ‘real’ in the world. But again, by allowing the flow of life expression and experience to show one where they are on the path of evolution and facing each circumstance with response, as needed, rather than reaction, serves one best.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

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