Higher Self Messages Continue: Tune In!

Higher self messages continue for those who wish to receive them. Speak not of your brother in haste nor tarry in the world of separation. The world now returns to the Oneness in which humanity in other realms cherished for eons of time. As your world comes to a screeching halt in 2020, higher realms support efforts of those striving toward Oneness, striving toward unity and love of all.

Knowing it is not an easy task to dwell in duality immersed in the grace and ease of Oneness, while many continue to swim in the sea of separation, we of higher realms support all efforts to insure the purity and wholeness of Truth in all aspects of the world. Each single aspect, institution, shall now be examined under the microscope of purity and truth. Each belief shall be secured in new ways to insure the Oneness of all. As each belief changes the reality of those on earth, bear in mind the chaos that ensures shall not last for long.

Keep in mind, the Oneness those seek is already held within many, for it has never been left in the higher realms, and the higher realms are where many now dwell even while in physical form. We leave you now knowing the truth of Oneness held inside each aspect, each human on earth.

We are a conglomeration of higher realm aspects assisting humanity within ones self. ‘Within ones self’ means each who channels, who listens to the inner core being of its very own mind/body/spirit complex.


Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

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