Jumping Timelines, Again!

Another wild night unfolds as I’m up several times to remember vivid dreams. Upon waking yet again I think it would be helpful to note some words about jumping timelines, since many people are again considering moves to various places. And so the words begin…

Jumping timelines is merely a matter of changing ones experience. Each time a move is made, each time one steps out of its comfort zone to move into a different experience, the timeline is changed, opportunities open while other opportunities close. Jumping timelines is merely a matter of changing thoughts and emotions through the gift of changing experience in different locations, in different times; in different spaces of the vast mind within ones self.

Each new location offers opportunities to experience greater aspects of what may appear as ones very own self. These aspects remain hidden when one continues to exist within a steady matrix of beliefs. A continued existence within the same location can also offer opportunities to jump timelines to experience greater aspects of ones very own self merely by tuning into different aspects, different experiences, which have been pushed aside as not being part of ones reality.

Know that as these final days of the year 2023 conclude, many will now be pulled (and continue to be pulled) toward experiencing different aspects of ones very own self through the avenue of changing belief systems. Belief systems molded by mass consciousness and held within ones self continue to change at rapid rate. As the year concludes all will be moved into a totally different timeline and new experience. Never before in the history of humanity has this experience unfolded at such a rapid rate, and yet, it is within the steady and consistent simultaneous experience of humanity as a whole.

Each human chose incarnation upon Planet Earth to experience and express uniquely amid unbalanced systems of belief. Many now are choosing to change the balance of those systems by participating in mass consciousness experiences to make the changes necessary to move humanity forward into a much more evolved timeline. This timeline has always existed along with other simultaneous timelines and experiences. It is only the change in frequency that allows one to experience other timelines within what may be referred to as humanity’s experimental realm on Planet Earth.

Know that as these days continue to unfold in rapid, chaotic, confusing manner there are many humans now assisting and assisted by what may be referred to as more evolved aspects of their very own self. Each unique human soul now has the opportunity to tap into and secure the higher aspect of evolution known as ones very own Higher Self.

Taking care in the days, months, and years ahead to maintain a status quo within ones own frequency field serves best (as long as that frequency is anchored in Love). Beware of frequencies outside that steady state of consciousness, for each frequency holds another timeline, another experience, another opportunity to express in what could be more or less evolved ways.”

As usual the above words that came through were not chosen by what is known as myself in previous years, but flowed from a more evolved aspect. I cannot stress enough the value of keeping an inspirational book in print at bedside! Remember, a physical book in your hand cannot be erased digitally and is easier on the eyes and soul than gadgets that can have a microwave effect on the body. Find many more communications and Author’s Experiences in:
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We are each a piece of the matrix puzzle, and upon sharing open up possibilities to meet and compare notes with similar minds to boost the frequency of everything and everyone. Consider, and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
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