Time To Tap In!

“Let’s be clear. All is illusion. All is illusion on earth and all you can see. All is illusion on earth and all you can hear. All is illusion on earth and all you can smell. All is illusion on earth and all you sense with the five usual senses.

“But when you allow yourself the pleasure of tapping into that sixth sense, that one vital ingredient for each human, you begin to see there is more. There is more to the illusion than what one can detect from using only the five usual human senses.

“Take the time to tap into this field of receptivity to change your world, to make your human existence better. Take the time to tap into this sixth sense, to know I AM, to know you are that of which it is. Be still and know.”

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2 thoughts on “Time To Tap In!”

  1. Hey man I’m Sam, so your sorta co opting all us Sams’ names. I’ve already gone through this shit with Sam’s club, and they were really rude, but hey I think we all deserve some compensation for your turning our names into a slogan. Perhaps I’m overly sensitive. 😂

    1. Hi Sam, First of all, Sam is short for Samuel the name of God, which is all our names!
      Second, SAM happens to be my initials (Sharon Ann Meyer) and people have been referring to me as SAM for many years, even before it became my initials.
      And thirdly, I’d be happy to help you out if you can pay for all the costs of keeping this site and everything else up to date, which frankly have never been covered!
      Abundant Blessings
      SAM I AM 🙂

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