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Chaos Calls Yet Recognition Sparks Humanity’s Light Of One

The Light of One is in all human forms, waiting to be sparked by recognition. As human consciousness continues to awaken and expand the very BEingness within, this spark grows ever ready to light the way to full awakening of True Self. The True Self within each human form moves forth in a greater pace knowing the human form is now ready by its emotions, words, thoughts and deeds to incorporate it more fully. Each human on earth now moves through this process of awakening regardless of race, age or propensity of awareness.

As the earth continues to purge, cleanse, and transmute misthought, misdeeds, the human form does so as well. Know that in these coming months upon earth the change will be great affecting all of humanity. Many will continue to leave the planet through various means; each follows its soul pan, perfectly and completely, despite conscious effort. Subconscious levels of awakening occur at a greater pace as all move forward stepping forth to show the New Earth. As many leave the earth, many shall also remain with the propensity to radiate the Light of One so those unaware hold this radiance within and can see there is more to the human than previously known through scientific efforts. As the days turn into nights and the nights into days, it is with great respect that those aware of the Light of One assist the Sisters and Brothers of Light unaware or conscious of this aspect of BEingness. Remain in place as yet again the earth game changes the mold of consciousness though conscious effort of those awakening to the Light Of One.


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