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Galactic Federation of Light Communication

“Time is coming when all of humanity will be thrusted into their very own unique time capsule, a timeline consisting of reactions, emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds (experiencing the lower astral world) unique to that individual. It is only through this process that the unique individual fire, Divine Spark of all that is, was, and ever shall be recognizes its errors in experience and expression as unique human individuals in a unique atmosphere called earth.

“We the Galactic Federation of Light continue to assist those ready and willing to believe in the higher aspects of consciousness within their very own selves. It is not for one to judge those that do not wish to evolve to this state of consciousness. It is merely for one to continue to play the game of earth experience and expression in ones own unique individual way, causing no harm nor disruption to another.

“It is only through this experience and expression of individual aspects of all that is, was, and ever shall be that the full expression and experience is molded into actions leading aspects into core self, a time/space continuum to the infinite reality; all are One coalesced in a field of consciousness consisting of sound and light.

“Know that in these coming days, humanity marks yet another unprecedented period where steps may be, so to speak, taken backward or moving forward in awareness. States of awareness continue to waver greatly along with the frequencies stemming from what may be referred to as higher realms. Frequencies within old individual thought systems may vary drastically within what can be conceived as the space of an hour, a minute, a day.

“Cosmic frequencies will continue to interrupt what can only be referred to as man manipulated attempts to stem the flow of evolving consciousness within humanity. Manipulated attempts by man will cease through these efforts of cosmic frequencies, resulting in greater evolution for all of humanity. This point of transmission of thought, of frequency beyond anything experienced in any realm or place at any time shall cease in coming years, but only to the extent that the manipulations of man cease altogether.

“We are not here to manipulate nor disrupt the experience and expression of any unique individual form. We merely assist and guide those willing with open minds to move through the matrix of what may be referred to as illusion with assurity of the evolving consciousness within all within and upon earth.

“Coming days as humanity continues to spiral up its ladder of consciousness, particularly during periods such as the current one moving towards the fall equinox, consist of unprecedented energies, life atoms, if you will tribes of consciousness, entering the time/space continuum as never before.

“Know that there is within the human consciousness a knowing of its Source, a knowing of the truth of beingness within a realm of Oneness. This Divine Spark, despite man’s manipulating efforts, will never cease to exist.

“Now calling forth all those seeds of consciousness within each human unique individual: Awaken. Awaken to the magnificence within and know thee are gods of matter.”
~ ~ ~ ~
We continue to move through momentous times that will never repeat but change drastically. For instance, during this time of clearing and cleansing one may experience many vivid nonsensical dreams while between them are dreams of future times, heads-up accounts with symbols that need deciphering and make sense to only us. There may be times when one can’t sleep or times when getting out of bed is difficult for sleep is all we want. Eating habits may no longer be recognizable as the physical body takes on new life atoms while emitting older versions.

One thing that I find most interesting is the time warps where certain tasks are completed seemingly without any memory of even beginning them. This is akin to certain periods experienced during times of great stress. For instance, after retrieving my decreased daughter’s car from the impound lot, and saying good-bye to my sister who drove it away, I headed in the opposite direction to where I was living nearly an hour away. Minutes later I found myself hopelessly lost in un-traveled territory with no recall of how I got there. But today was different upon noticing a fresh pot of espresso on my turned off stove, again with no memory of making it.

The point of this communication is to alert whoever comes upon these words to know, if they are having the same type of experiences, it is, although never before experienced, a normal process. It is time to not only pay attention to what seems to occur around us to determine what may affect us, but also to spend more time caring for and nurturing one’s self as everything crumbles to be molded, yet again, into a workable human system for the good of everyone while maintaining individual expression, experience and free will.

Take care in the days years, and dare I say, coming years and know there are many who travel the same path.

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