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Soul Versus Human Experience

Full article in Book Of One : – ) Volume 6.

Each soul takes on human form to experience certain experiences. And while within that form it can, under certain circumstances, tap into other soul experiences, bring in that information, so to speak, to assist in the current experience. Yet, one is cautioned…

Yes, it is all about desire. One returns to certain realms, to certain areas, to certain vibrational frequencies to experience what it desires—having sometimes experienced the desire previously, or desiring the experience in a new way, or desiring an experience never had before, or desiring an experience to balance all experience—to finally, and at last …

Know that as all things false fall away in the soul experience, it is only through stepping inside that one can feel the completeness, the wholeness of which it truly is. As the days upon what seems as the earth realm continue to erupt in steady chaos, it is always in the best interest of each soul to step inside, to dwell inside, to seek solace inside, knowing that …

It is with the greatest respect and honor that the higher aspects of … opportunity.


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Book Of One : – ) Volume 5

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Chaos Includes Joyous Opportunities!

As the frequency and vibrational state within consciousness continues to change at an alarming rate, one may desire to be aware of their own frequency and vibration. For it is only through knowing oneself that one may continue to gauge the changes around it. Each being of consciousness is enclosed in its own field of conscious awareness and yet all are part of the Whole of BEingness. This will never change but the aspects of the Whole, the particles if you will, continue to become aware of that BEingness as all move through the time/space continuum.

Those on earth now quickly move through the chaos of separation, through this portal of awareness. And yet, as this occurrence continues to build momentum, all begin to see very clearly that there are no lost particles, there are no humans on earth that are unaffected nor are there any that remain alone within their single consciousness. For as these massive changes occur on earth all coalesce within the etheric realm of consciousness, opening yet another door for those unaware of this aspect of Wholeness.

In the coming days and months, many shall leave earth due to various dis-ease within themselves. This is not necessarily a ‘bad’ occurrence but a joyous one as new opportunities arise for those that leave earth. These opportunities now include those that were curiously left behind by many that chose to not experience other aspects of Wholeness on other planets and in other states, forms or formless consciousness.

It is with the greatest respect that we the Lemurian Council of Twelve ask all to pay attention to their own state of consciousness, their own aspect of awareness, for this is the charge of each human now upon the earth. Mirrors continue to present all with the information needed to progress beyond the illusion of separation to that of the Oneness of which all are.

We leave you now with this thought: Will each aspect continue to be separation in your mind or will you embrace those aspects of your Self long forgotten?”

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Increased Awareness Of Self

“Pay attention to the people in your life. They are going to change very soon. Many more people will be opening up to an increased awareness of Self and they will seek out those whom they believe will help them understand what it is all about on earth. All are called forth now as these lighter energies take firm hold upon earth. All may not be ready to listen or lead but those that do will be fulfilling their soul’s mission on this plane of awareness.

“It is in the best interest of souls to allow each individual to be heard, to experience their own experience and to allow others to do the same. We, the White Winged Consciousness of Nine, are here to assist in that process and we wish those of you who lead by example to know, we are with you all the way. We are here to answer any questions you may have as you lead by example knowing you are not alone.

“On this realm of reality there is a means to increase the state of awareness in which one lives. This is not achieved entirely by being alone (although we do recommend some time be spent alone) but with other humans who can mirror the state of awareness in which you have passed, seek or have meaning to include in your life.

“It is with the greatest respect that we ask you to not hold anyone in disfavor for their beliefs, their chosen experiences, or their particular way of achieving their experience. For know, all souls chose to experience their physicality on this plane in different ways.

“We, the White Winged Consciousness of Nine, are here to note: all are loved, regardless of the soul’s choice to play any role.”
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