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Human Consciousness Experiment

Humanity continues to barrel through eons of unbalanced states of living, to subsequently clear all unbalanced states, and return to the heart-centered Consciousness from which it derived. As a species of free will, humanity has allowed itself to experience and express in various ways unexperienced nor expressed in other states of Consciousness. But that experience and expression has now reached its fumigation point, the point where all will now be returned, albeit for some ever so slowly, to the Oneness it came to experience and express in human forms.

As these times continue to unfold in a fury of chaos in every imaginable way, and for some unimaginable ways, it is of the utmost importance to remain heart-centered and focused solely on the ultimate good of all humankind. It is but for a short time, in human terms, that these unbalanced systems will continue to operate, but it is a necessary time to bring all back to Wholeness once again. An unbalanced state of being must be experienced and exposed for what it is to be recognized and cleared, and that is what is occurring in this realm of awareness as all watch from what may be referred to as higher states of BEingness. This is not to say that those on earth are separate in any way, shape, or form from what may be referred to as higher states of BEing. It is merely a human tern used to assist in human understanding. All consciousness now on earth have, and still are, in multiple states of awareness and Consciousness in other what may be referred to as time periods in a time/space system.

The experiment of allowing human consciousness to unfold at its own pace using free will is coming to an end, for some more quickly than others. But make no mistake: the BEingness of which all things live, and move, and have all BEing shall never change or be disrupted.

There is much happening that cannot be explained, nor ignored, so continue to focus on the BIGGER picture! Stay hydrated with good quality SPRING water, if you can get it, rest as needed, and eat wholesome organic foods. Consider, and play your role with intention for the highest good of ALL.
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Game Over, LOVE Won!

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we are here to report. Those remaining in the valley of ego now push forward with ill-conceived plans to rule the world, while those awakening to the trueness of Oneness place stops on their movements and plans.

“Your true leaders now step forward to stop the madness within the world. But make no mistake, this is yet another ill-conceived plan by ruling elite (who rule the President and use him as a puppet) to make it possible to move on to phase two of the global domination plan. This is but a seed of thought gone awry in the minds of souls forgetting their true nature. We, the higher realms groups of consciousnesses, will not allow this grand scheme to unfold in its planned timely manner but are stepping forth to stop the seeds of destruction from getting a firmer grip in your world.

“Make no mistake; all are One, of privileged genetic form. But those pushing forth with these ill-conceived plans are not aware of this true nature. We shall address steps, outline steps, to assist humanity at a future time when the channel is of a more boisterous nature. At this time, we bid you adieu knowing the DNA continues to change at a faster rate than usual but his too, as the channel notes, shall pass.”

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