Ripping Off The Bandaid

We are ripping the bandaid off. The sore has been oozing for quite some time, and now, the bandaid having been filled with the putrid material of the thoughts of consciousness of those upon and within earth are ready to be purged. By ‘within the earth’ it is meant those places where earthbound humans have burrowed themselves thinking that safety exists underground.

The bandage is coming off slowly to make it easier and more accessible for all to see the healing taking place beneath the putrid smell of the bandaid. As this bandage is lifted from the sore that has been hidden containing many, many, many sores, the changes within it shall be more readily seen, changes making it whole, and fresh, and clean once again to restart the thought processes of those upon and within the earth.

Let it be known that as this process takes place, those not ready to face the consequences of this revealing, to deal with the truth of this revelation, shall leave the planet. It is, after all, time, once again, for a mass extinction event upon earth. As this process continues to unfold, know that those holding the Light and Love of Oneness, remaining heart-centered with compassion, and yet non-attachment to what is occurring, will continue to be guided while tapping into the very own soul Self that has created the disturbances within the experience and expression of a human living upon and within the earth.

Death is Natural


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