Unfolding Evolutionary Process

“As you move through this process during 2022, be aware of the propensities you hold to keep you within the old paradigm, safe and secure within the thought system of old habits that no longer serve humanity’s evolution. Be aware that the next stages of this evolution shall unfold quickly and violently for those that hold the thoughts of greed and separation. It is only by remaining in the purity and assuredness of Oneness that humanity will move through this process of spiraling up the evolution of Consciousness both seamlessly and easily.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine, and we wish to caution you, having experienced a lesser evolution while in human form, this process, newly erupted upon the pimple of evolutionary waves, now unfolds rapidly for all within and upon Mother Earth. Know that as one moves through this process it is only through heart resonance, allowing the ability to coalesce into Oneness with others of like mind within and upon the planet, that one may more seamlessly move through what is now known as an unprecedented process of evolution. Know that those holding this heart resonance, this cohesive unity of Oneness, continue to be guided and supported by the higher evolutionary aspects of Consciousness quickly unfolding within what appears to be a physical form on a physical earth in a time and space continuum. Those not holding this evolutionary Consciousness shall no longer be supported upon this planet.

“It is with the greatest respect and love that those of more evolved consciousnesses continue to interact and guide those ready to continue this unprecedented evolutionary process. Know that as you move forward in this process, remaining within one’s own field of consciousness serves humanity and one’s self best. Undue harm shall not affect those within the hammock of Consciousness holding Oneness within their thought processes throughout daily life.

“We leave you now knowing that the process the physical form moves through, at this seeming point of time and space, may seem arduous but be assured it shall continue to unfold in most wondrous and amazing manners.”


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