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“You are a free sovereign being perfect, whole and free. There is no reason to fear in the days ahead as we move through this chaos of the Earth Mother Ship. All is well as we move through this process of awakening to the truth of not only our reality, but the reality of the Consciousness in which we live, and move, and have all being. There is no need to fear this process as each ego personality strives to keep the body free from awakening to this truth.

“Know that the Higher Realms are assisting all those within the earth, upon the earth, and throughout all the timelines associated with the earth. It is with due respect that the Higher Realms now offer the subtle energies necessary to assist those open to awakening to their own Higher Self. These subtle energies are what many refer to as the veils, the veils that cover the Consciousness in which all humanity lives, and moves, and has its being. It is as the rain falls from the sky a process that is natural, and yet, in its own way, realistically wholesome, nourishing those seeking sustenance now moving forward on this Earth Mother Ship throughout all space and time.

“The Higher Realms continue to watch over all manifestations, not only humanity, but all manifestations of the One that is, and was, and always shall be; for as many know, we are those manifestations in more evolved Consciousness, reaching out to ourselves, which appear to be living in parallel realities of lower unawakened Consciousness. As these days move forward through the chaos and confusion it experiences, know that it shall burst forth into the victory song of everlasting Love and Light, for it is only through moving through the darkness that one comes to appreciate the Light within.

“We are the Higher Realms of Consciousness speaking through this channel as a more evolved aspect of its very own self and we wish all to know this aspect exists uniquely within each human upon the Earth Mother Ship. And so it is with great respect that we move through this channel knowing it is, when all is said and done, open to receiving such communications.”

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