The Seed Of Thought Penetrating All Emotionality

“The seed of thought penetrating all emotionality lies within each human form, each human monad, each human grounded thought system, and it is this seed of thought that continues to propagate, to build upon thought after thought to make the world in which one seems to live, and exist in, in human form upon a physical world.

“It is but for a very short time, in human terms, that these seeds of thought will continue to propagate negative aspects of life for not only humanity but all within and upon the earth. These seeds of thoughts building what is now known as ‘time-worn outdated systems’ will now switch to more life-affirming avenues of being via those knowing: seeds of thought are planted with emotions, further consistency of thought upon single efforts, and deeds supporting those efforts.

“All now lie in readiness in higher aspects of beingness, in higher aspects of consciousness within each unique human individual to make the move, the adjustment, the melding into more life-affirming seeds of thought creating, sustaining a new earth, which is already available and moved upon in thought, word, and deed by those aware of the difference and propensity, and methods to propagate this great shift in change.

“Know that as each human moves forward in its system of thought, no longer feeding the seeds of thought from time-worn outdated systems, this new earth already manifested will continue to be visible in mind and subsequently physicality for all willing to let go of the old manipulated human blueprint.

“Know that in these coming months all systems continue to change, creating for some great confusion and chaos, and as these systems continue to change, those unique human individuals not ready to move forward in soul evolution while in the current physical form shall leave the earth. For as these seeds of thought continue to build and meld with the new earth, the vibrational frequencies of old systems negativity, creating manipulation and separation, shall no longer thrive.

“It is with the greatest respect that we higher, if you will, aspects of human consciousness within, yes, what can be referred to as the human monad, thought system of each unique channel, if you will, each human physicality allowing the melding of bodies of consciousness to pave the way to the higher aspects, continue to make room and hold the door open, so to speak, for greater states of awareness for all.

“Know that as this what appears as more evolved consciousness continues to seed, sustain/maintain the new earth, there exists yet another more evolved new earth to move to in humanity’s future timeline.”

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“Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log”

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