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Moving Through Manifestation Processes

“Humanity now moves through many processes of manifestation, some more quickly than others. As this grand awakening occurs, those not yet ready to manifest on a greater level succumb to the rigors of old ways, habits and thought forms duly upon earth at this time. Those ready to step forward into the consciousness of the New Earth more fully are now experiencing a quickening, an awakening of powers long forgotten.

“Humanity’s evolution continues to accelerate at a rapid pace as those moving forward in their state of awareness, in their thoughts, emotions, and habits now manifest on a much quicker level than ever before. Those aware of this ability to manifest consciously use this ability by remaining heart-centered and manifesting only life-affirming circumstances. Those not yet conscious of the manifestation taking place, are not bringing forth the fruits of their manifesting efforts through wishes, emotions and thoughts as quickly as those heart-centered.

“There are many within the higher realms in greater states of awareness ready and waiting to assist all earth, and yet, each form taps into a state of awareness within their own earth and other planet experience. The states of awareness are changing quickly for Mother Earth and for those upon her. One must remain heart-centered to fully manifest the New Earth and live within and upon her in a greater state of awareness.

“Although the physicality of earth continues to change, many upon her are not of the awareness in the change in their own circumstances due to their own changing state of awareness. Those not yet ready to live life more fully, tapped in shall we say, to their own greater aspects of awareness, higher self, soul body, if you will, now manifest those thoughts and emotions which are fearful and limited. One must choose the state of awareness using emotion and thought consciously. The manifestation upon earth continues to rapidly change as more become conscious of this tool using emotion and thought to manifest.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine, and yet, we too are an aspect of a state of awareness within the earth game illusion.”

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