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Returning To Light

From the beginning of time, life has taken on new forms in every manner of being. Humanity comes and goes as planetary changes, floods and so-called other catastrophes occur. As our planet gradually makes its shift back to light, ever so slowly, during these next several hundred years, scores of humans will leave the planet choosing to return to a New Earth in a new form or to continue their soul’s experience on other planets.

Just as the Atlanteans, Lemurians, Mayans and others, some are now choosing to play a new game instead of extinction. Those who chose as souls to play this new game knew it included leaving everything behind, to experience life on a New Earth in an entirely new form, a lightbody filled with less dense carbon-based matter to one of crystalline, filled with photons that energize it as a mass of light, able to withstand current and coming changes as humanity moves though the process with Mother Earth to be more in tune with the surrounding space.

It is for this reason that today’s communication comes, to alert those interested about these earth and body changes, to make all more comfortable as they occur and to cement a new thought in those with doubtful minds.

You may ask, “Am I one of those dying in physicality to leave the planet, or has my soul chosen to take on this unknown body of light?” If you must ask, the answer should be clear. Many humans chose as souls to begin the process in their current human form but very few chose to withstand the pressures and changes to complete the cycle of returning to light in merely one life. Those doing so are now leading the way, so to speak, answering the call to alert other humans of the new game. Again, very few shall achieve the feat of morphing their physicality in this lifetime, for it involves not only morphing the physical form but the emotions, thoughts and memories of this and any other life lived on earth. Consider this as you see mass catastrophes occur throughout the world. These are meant to clear the land before it floods with the water necessary for her future cleansing.

Yes, of course, there are always other perspectives, but this particular communication addresses the issue of mass human death in a way that many humans understand; to reach out to those with greater understandings of the way consciousness works on earth, until one realizes that after all is said it done, one’s life here is merely a whisper of a minute aspect of the Void that came into being though consciousness and focused energy. Be patient as the process of returning to light continues for those remembering a life in Lemuria when the body was less dense for this is the new game played by those remembering their Lemurian life.

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