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Time of Awakening

Enjoy this excerpt from After Death Communications…WOW!

“Today we are discussing insecurities and fears.

“Much of humanity today lives in fear and appears insecure in their own reality. This state of existence stems from….

“The missing piece to the puzzle of life is a knowledge of what and who humanity is as a whole and unique individuals. Humanity is part of the Whole of All That Is, with each unique human a vital part of that Whole. There is no way to remove this vital part for humans come into form holding a spark of the Divine within their heart. While very few humans recognize and nourish this vital part of their being, some hide it, masking it with drugs, alcohol and other things.

“The time of awakening for much of humanity…. The power to co-create a better world lies within all humans. This power comes forth upon loss, upon trails and tribulations making one think, “Why, why did this happen and what can I do now?

“Of course, all humans move though a period of disinterest until they fully accept the losses before them. Some remain in that inertia while others begin to move out into the light of day through reaching out to others. You see, humanity has become …  through trials and tribulations that humanity will now interact more fully with one another and ultimately recognize its Oneness.

“I leave you with these thoughts. Are you moving through trails and tribulations? Are you, or have you, experienced great loss that shattered your way of living? This message is for those who resonate with these words. It is time to reach out and build your communities wherever you may be and in whatever subject you feel drawn to be within. It is time to gather together as humans and as souls with a job to do to make the world a more life-affirming place to live.

“WOW out.”

Full soul message for humanity within   “After Death Communications…WOW!” Consider supporting this website with a donation or by purchasing a print copy for yourself, a friend, or family member. And Know:

There has never been a time more greater to play our role in this human drama, so recognize yours and reach out to those with the same role to play it to the HILT! Fully knowing my role, I do feel a moral responsibility, to assure that people know all sides of what appears now as a single narrative now forcefully designed to eliminate verifiable and factual occurrences, which will educate people and cause much pause for thought before acting. Find reliable information that you can verify on your own with the provided research links each week at http://www.thehighwire.com. PLEASE watch this interview of a man who worked for many of the ‘biggies’ making vaccines. It will be most likely alarming to all but especially to those that have received their so-called cure:

Important Interview For Humanity


After Death…Communications, WOW!

After Death…Communications, WOW! By Sharon Ann Meyer.

Description: This life is a journey of awakening to humanity’s true nature and yes, for me, it includes what seems to be the loss of not one but both of my beloved children. My son left his physical form via a tragic motorcycle accident on I-95 in the wee hours of a Palm Sunday morning. The date was 4/4/04 and my journey of awakening to our true nature arrived as we then communicated. His sister’s graduation to life, on the other side of this veil we have become accustomed to living behind, spurred me further toward the Oneness consciousness of which we truly are.

After Death…Communications, WOW! is the thirteenth book in the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series.” It holds after-death communications, soul messages for humanity, that seemed to come from my beloved daughter, Wendy Olivia Wright, who took her own life on 12/4/15. She relates many messages concerning suicide and transitions, soul evolution, spiritual growth, the earth game, and global transformation. Allow these words to comfort, inform and inspire you!

About the Author: Sharon Ann Meyer (SAM), author of the “Lightworker’s Log Book Series,” is an ordained minister, channel of higher realms, teacher, founder of SAM I AM PROductions – assisting humanity to find the Divine Spark within, and administrator of the popular Internet resource Lightworker’s Log. Spreading Spirit’s message of Oneness throughout the globe, SAM is a wayshower helping others to learn the truth of being so humanity can return unique figments back to All That Is.

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