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Moving Through Ascension Portals

“Breathe any way you want my dear, but remember you are a real human being but you are also a real human soul fleeting on your earth but for a short time. We know this is not an easy passage for many human bodies, souls, upon your earth, and we ask respectfully that you continue to pay attention to what remains within your field of consciousness, for as you move through this process of purging, of cleansing, of clearing all lower realm frequencies, it is of the utmost importance to acknowledge those aspects that were pushed aside so many lives ago. There are many now upon the earth that are bringing forth not only aspects of the self in which they live now, the body in which they now reside, but also bringing forth aspects of many bodies the soul lived within on earth in previous times. We respectfully ask that one remain aware that the emotions must be felt and then recognized for what they are: the emotions of a human upon earth living but for a fleeting time in a life that is less than mere seconds in the total time lived as a soul.

“It is wise to pay attention to those emotions and reactions and to delve deeper into their cause, the wounds of which they hide for it is only in uncovering those wounds, clearing and cleansing those wounds that one moves forward through the portals of ascension into higher frequencies. This process can be easily recognized by merely going within, meditating if you will, and asking, ‘What is the direct cause of the reaction or the emotion?’ Pay attention to these reactions and emotions and uncover within the furthest reaches of time spent on earth the wound that oozes forth to be healed. We shall not linger upon this concept but know the channel will site an example to further clarify, for we know that as humans, clarification can be sought by those ready to do what is called the ‘work of the soul’.

“At this time, we your Sisters and Brothers of Light again note the importance of remaining within ones own field of consciousness, of taking the time to step inside one’s self to seek the wisdom of one’s very own soul. It is with the greatest respect and acknowledgement of the graduation many on earth now move through, if not seamlessly, but most surely and soon to be joyously.”

Interestingly, a clarifying example just occurred last night after logging onto Farcebook! Before I could post or see anything a pop-up informed me that one of my posts from JANUARY was banned from being seen by anyone but myself (It’s now the end of MAY so obviously, Farcebook is behind in censoring posts!). The post in question was shared from the Children’s Health Defense run by Robert Kennedy, which noted the Death of Baseball Legend Hank Aaron right after getting the Moderna Covid vaccine. The post included about twenty-five links to reliable information from at least one-hundred doctors. (FYI: For reliable, factual information backed by science AND experience visit TheHighWire.com and view Video.)

Immediately my ego went into defense mode insisting on re-sharing the post with the Farcebook message noting it had been censored. Alas, again, Farcebook refused to allow me to share the information, and this refusal was immediate. After a wee bit of soul talk, I literally painstakingly went through the entire post separating the Internet links so they would not appear as such to the bots and also separating certain key words. The ploy seemed to work for the post was allowed to be shared after I left Farcebook, deleted computer tracks, and logged in again.

So, the wound that was uncovered appears as many human memories, one Atlantean life in particular, of being silenced to the point where an energy formed of ‘me’ being ‘less than’, which allowed what appeared as ‘more knowledgeable’ humans to take my power away, to make decisions for me, regardless of whether they served me or not! And, even realizing this is a game a soul chose to pay, countless times, it is a part of the game to now uncover all wounds, set things right and move through the portals of ascension. YES, it is time!

These past few months have filled with many frequencies much higher than experienced on earth before, to my knowledge in any event. And most especially the past few days, effects of an X-flare, have been brutal as far as signs of changing DNA, feeling the waves to the extent where sleep is impossible, moving the energy through house cleaning and exercise, moving about in the middle of the night with watery eyes, intestinal distress, colon cleansing in the form of, forgive the graphic words, liquid diarrhea, body hot and then cold throughout the night, and very vivid nonsensical dreams, many without a single fragment of what has occurred in this life. Yet, it is a bit easier to move through upon acknowledging that it is changing DNA made possible through these higher frequencies and the sequestering away from the drama of a so-called pandemic that really never was (and that’s all I’ll say on that point)! Here’s to the process becoming easier for those on the path seeming to be what many refer to as behind the first wavers.

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Souls Of One Speak

“As you move though these changes of physicality, know you are watched and guided by those helpful unseen realms. We are with you as you awaken to meet your chosen day. We are with you as you choose to move through that day filled with love or fear. And we know you shall always reap the experience you alone choose to experience. We ask you to consider the best possible choice for the growth of your soul.

“Yes, we are aware that many do not believe in the birth and death of soul thought-forms, for various reasons, but we ask that you become aware that there are always choices to make as long as you seem to be a body in form on earth.

“The vast changes before humanity now coalesce into a mix of ecstasy and agony as all becomes aware, you are not alone in any sense of the word. We are with you as you move though these vast changes and we ask you to consider, ‘Will I achieve the soul’s growth?’

“We are the Souls Of One here to convey this vital message to all who care to listen. The Souls Of One are a conglomeration of all souls chosen to be in earth form for the purpose of extending the knowledge of Oneness throughout humanity and the Cosmos. We too shall dissipate as all thought-forms merge at the end of time.”

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