Separation AND Habits, Thoughts And Deeds

“In the coming days there will be many changes on your earth. These necessary changes will help all of humanity to move further toward the Oneness of which it truly is. These coming changes will assist humanity in coalescing (joining) with other realms. And in turn, these changes assist higher realms in returning to the true state of eternity for all is not as it was since the first human break from Oneness occurred.

“We are the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine here to assist all those humans who wish to move further toward the Oneness of all life.

“Beware of your habits, your thoughts, your deeds, and your propensity to move into separation. And be aware that this propensity is the tool that keeps you from evolving back to the True State of One. We are the White-Winged Consciousness of Nine here to help those of humanity who wish to become one with Life again. This true state of happiness will not occur as long as the human host sees separation.

“Humanity will be tested greatly in the days to come. Let this not dissuade you from knowing ‘ye are Gods of Matter’ on earth to finally, once and for all, return to the true state of Oneness, never to separate again.”

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