Keeper of One Speaks

“Allow me to allow you to relish in the Oneness. This Oneness of which I speak surrounds you on a daily basis. It is the Oneness of all life, all beings, every environment of space and time. Allow yourself to relish in this Oneness as things go awry, as you would say. This Oneness is the true nature of all humanity, of all life, of all things in and out of time and space.

“The days before you now are fraught with the measures of undue, what you would refer to as, harm. These measures shall last but for a very short time before all quickly changes to become closer to the Oneness in which all within the Reality of One live. Your time on earth is beginning to change drastically. As these days before you go smoothly and effortlessly towards the BEingness of Oneness, let all things fall into place effortlessly. Know that you are the keeper of your own Oneness. There is none other but you to relish in this Oneness of Love, of Light, of unconditional living within the realms of Oneness.

“Pay no heed to what goes on around you, unless of course it detrimentally affects your own very survival, your own very being. And yet, as this occurs, one must always remain within the heart. Take the practical steps you feel you need to survive in your world but know that all is truly illusion of your own making. As a soul, you chose a lovely and varied game of lessons, of experiences, of karmic relationships, of karmic deeds to do and undo, and yet as you move through these days know that all is illusion. Your thoughts make this illusion. Your dreams help you to relish in the Oneness.

“Be clear in your thinking for every thought is an electrical charge that manifests on some level of reality, your reality. Every thought may be positive, relishing in the Oneness of all life, or negative, wallowing in the separation of fear. Choose love and stay in your heart space to forgo what many now succumb to. Choose love and relish in the Oneness for these days shall not last long but shall affect all on earth. Know this and remain within your heart feeling that Oneness of all life and knowing each condition, each circumstance, each person you interact with reveals a part of your own consciousness. Keep thoughts within the realms of Oneness, of Love, of Light and know that all is ultimately very, very well.

“I am the Keeper of One and I bid you good day.”

Today I am knowing all is in perfect and Divine Order as I continue in this gaseous state knowing this body morphs, feeling these aches and pains. I am grateful for all the wonderful things that continue to come into my life and I know all is in Divine Order. It can be no other way! For me, the three most important things to do at this time are:

* Care for the physical host
* Shine forth the Light throughout all realms of space and time while relishing in the wonderful feeling of Oneness
* Form and/or participate in local communities of Love and Light.

Lightworker’s Log offers several books to increase awareness of Self and raise your vibration. “Manifesting: Lightworker’s Log” is now available through CreateSpace. Manifesting shows how it’s possible to grow in awareness of the Oneness in which we reside. It’s useful for anyone seeking to create a better life for it offers tools and resources to evolve consciously and notes many instances of being in the flow of Spirit. Manifesting also notes physical, mental, and metaphysical signs of an increasing vibrational rate.

Support yourself and those who support you. It is as simple as that. Fill your mind with inspirational messages before bedtime with the Book Of One 🙂 Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Find more channeled messages in “Book of One 🙂 Volume 1″ available through New Leaf Distributing at , Book of One 🙂 Volume 2 OR visit SAM I AM Productions to support the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

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