Nefarious Plans Require Participation

As I rise before dawn a message seems to come from the White Winged Consciousness of Nine, but I soon realize it is time to report as my own HU-man self. Having just uploaded the fourteenth book, “Multidimensional Living: Moving Beyond Astral Adventures” –and having it published a mere six hours after uploading it to Amazon —it’s clear that as everything is coming to Light and humanity’s consciousness unfolds this is the future of all who care to tap into this avenue of knowledge. Ego continues to try and keep the unfolding at bay, but this is not possible. This is not a drill; training is over!

And so the message begins…

Any plans require the participation of as many pieces of consciousness, if you will, to succeed. Knowing this fact of physical life, one can be assured of a less cumbersome, dramatic, interrupted life by remaining aware of reactions, emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds. Taking the stance of the observer, the Witness, is the best course to take to avoid the nefarious plans unfolding upon earth at this time.

It is in the best interest of all upon earth to know that the Oneness of which all belong lies inside in the very core of each human, and this Oneness now spurts forth in a glorious display of action to quell the various plans by making them known to all upon earth. And yet, one must remember to remain the observer, the Witness, watching the scenes before them as if in a movie theatre and knowing that reactions, emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds carry one into a field of consciousness of their own making.

Any plans require participation. Know this and be secure in the single field of consciousness that belongs to all of humanity, the Oneness of which many now seek through making known the various plans unfolding quickly upon the earth of Oneness, Love and Light. Keeping all observations in a field of consciousness known as neutrality serves one best at this time.

Remember, as long as you keep your eye on the bouncing basketball you will never see the gorilla moving through the room!


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