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Question on Changing the Grooves of Ill Health: Thanks for your advice to listen to my thoughts when poor health seems to rule my world. I have had constant awareness the last 24 hours of my negative thoughts and how often they find their way into my thinking like well worn grooves. What can I do to change the grooves?

Answer: This is a world we design with our thoughts. We give more energy to the things we think about so feed positive thoughts to change the negative grooves of the past. I know this is possible because I’ve done it. I no longer take the 13 prescribed medications of years ago and have successfully ridden myself of three incurable diseases and a variety of others, all since my son’s transition.

Sometimes we need some kind of physical intervention to break the “spell” of ill health. I was tired of the sick care system that calls itself health care where more and more costly treatments are prescribed along with more drugs to take care of the side effects from others. At first I got a lot of help from my Oriental Medicine acupuncturist friend who used a cupping and scrapping method called Ba Gua Fa for blockages. Then I learned to stop negative thoughts in their tracks by using positive affirmations whenever I caught myself being negative. “I AM God in health” has wonderful healing powers when repeated. Any positive affirmation using the words I AM and God will increase your vibration dramatically. I’m thankful to be out of the sick care system and now reinforce my new way of life by repeating positive affirmations whenever necessary. And their necessity has diminished greatly since I’ve replaced the negative grooves of the past.

Keep positive, seek medical attention if you feel it necessary and know you are so very loved.

Question on Sharing Ascension Thoughts: Do you ever feel like other people don’t understand what you are going through on this ascension path? My husband and son and most friends who I know love me very much but just don’t understand me. I am trying to be quiet about it most of the time but it is not easy as I want to share my journey with them. I feel maybe I am being guided to not share at this time but it feels very lonely not to share all these exciting moments and see if others maybe have similar experiences.

Answer: I totally understand. As souls we’ve all chosen different paths. Those of us who have chosen to “wake up” do indeed find ourselves feeling alone with no one to share with, even with family and friends. Sharing often means distancing and hearing negative feedback that we don’t need to dissuade us. We must rid ourselves of the old to make way for the new and are seemingly alone at this time so we can get certain things done. Only you know what it is you are to do.

It is not really necessary to seek out allies for as like attracts like, when the time is right they will present themselves to you. Trust in your intuition, your gut, and continue to share with those on the same path. There are many people and organizations of like-mind on the Internet.

Some of them are:

Era of Peace

Common Passion

Miami/Deerfield Beach Theosophical Society

Theosophical Society of America

Question on Past Issues: I am faced with life changes that include dealing with past issues related to my parents. I came from a poor family with limited food and other life essentials and feel I was deprived. This makes me angry when I think about my parents. Is there a better way to look at my past?

Answer: I’ve found that looking back at the past in a different way helps me immensely. Knowing that my soul chose my parents based on what it needed to spiritually expand has shed new light on many childhood experiences. Everyone in my life was chosen before my birth to help me realize the wholeness within. I learned self-reliance from my Father who had a hard time holding down jobs. I learned that faith in God is vital from my religious Mother who also taught me that love is the most important asset to treasure. I learned unconditional love from all my brothers and sisters who bucked the system of “normal” behavior.

There is something to be learned from every person or experience if we take the time to consider the circumstances. It may be a small thing such as knowing we act differently according to our beliefs or a big thing like learning we all are unlimited in good.

Question on Blocking Negativity: Help!!!!!! It seems that I am still putting out bad karma. Is there an exercise one can do or a chant? I have been praying a lot. It seems like one of my sibling’s continues to misunderstand me. There has been some definite confusion and blocking of ‘good energy’ flow. I continue to send positive energy but mostly receive negative back.

Answer: Everyone is really only asking for love. The key is self-mastery in thoughts, words and deeds. My “special relationships” changed for the better when I continued to think only good thoughts, sent mind messages of love, and acted in a loving manner when around those that seemed to “push my buttons”. It has paid off greatly.

Hang in there. You have the power within you to change anything for the better. Just ask Spirit, God, whatever you call your Inner Self to guide you and know that you are already being guided. I found that when I thank God for something I want as if I already have it, it manifests for me more quickly. Here is a prayer you can repeat if you wish.

“I AM perfect Truth knowing the God within always directs my thought, words and actions. As the Truth of God consumes me with positive thoughts I AM grateful for the Love that I AM. Amen.”

Question on Getting Past The Past: First, just wanted you to know, you are very inspirational to me and have helped me immensely. You are right God is Love. We are Love. We all need and want love. Lack of love destroys us. I am trying hard to get to the “core” ego and to push it out of the way so that I may reach a higher level of consciousness. Nothing is gained by hanging onto resentments. In doing so we lose the power of the present. My question now is how can I get past the “past”?

Answer: Living in the present moment, the “Now” where there is no “past” and knowing we are all a part of each other helps greatly. It’s all about forgiveness for in forgiving others we forgive ourselves, that’s the prominent thread in A Course in Miracles. It comes down to the fact that we have never left God for it’s only in this dream world that we believe we’re separate from others. In truth, we are One, all parts of God.

I’ve found A Course in Miracles to be instrumental for spiritual growth. It’s a great way to put one’s ego in the back seat while Higher Self drives. Find it here:  ACIM.

Question on Sending Good Thoughts: You mentioned something in earlier posts about the importance of sending good thoughts to others. A family member and I have had many misunderstandings over the years and we no longer speak to one another. I don’t feel that I can call her to talk. Is there something else I can do to make it right between us? How exactly can I send “mind messages of love”?

Answer: Every thought we have ripples out into the atmosphere. Here on earth, thoughts manifest into what we refer to as reality. The more feeling behind a thought, the quicker it manifests. It’s been my experience that sending heartfelt loving thoughts can make a big difference in how you relate to others and how they relate to you.

We carry a Divine spark placed within us by our Creator. That Divine spark is in the core of our heart. So to change how you relate to someone, first remember we are all loving spirits having a human experience. Think of that person as a part of the Creator, a part of yourself. Now focus on the Divine spark in your heart’s core and feel love envelop your entire body. Envision the person you wish to reach and send them that unconditional love. Allow the love to pour out from your heart’s core and flow into that person. Picture that love as a brilliant white light flowing out from your heart. The more you feel the love, the sooner you will begin to experience a change in how you relate to one another.

Question on Blocking Negativity: I wanna say thanks for sending so much positive “out there” and for being positive. I’m empathic and can absorb negativity. I was wondering if there is there an easy way to block off negativity. When it sets in, it seems like a battle too remove it. At home its easy for I tend to tune things out easily and use smudge sticks but when I’m out in public/work it becomes harder to block. Any good tips? Thanks. Much love and light always.

Answer: One thing that works for me is to begin radiating love out from the core of the heart to the focus of disturbance. I do this with certain people and give them a big hug upon seeing them. Talking of common interests such as movies, cards, or bowling also helps. And if you can get some positive music thrown into the mix all the better.

Question on Positive Thinking: Sometimes I get so angry at someone or something that is happening. Can you help me to think in a more pleasant way?

Answer: Simply put, we are spirit playing the game of human life on earth. This is a world of duality between choices of light and dark, love or fear, etc. We come here to play and to learn what we are not. Our bodies come with something called an ego, which makes it seem like we are all separate. The ego is in control when we feel anger, hate, fear or anything besides love and Oneness.

When we feel anything but love for someone else it’s important to recognize that in Truth we are all the same. It’s just that we forget when we’re born here. We are in Truth parts of what you call God. We are all the same in Truth. We are here to learn this. Sometimes it easier to blame someone else for our thoughts other than to take responsibility for how we feel. That’s where forgiveness comes in. So, whenever we feel a negative reaction towards someone it helps to remember we are in Truth the same. We are just playing a game. A Course in Miracles really helps us to understand this concept. Find it here: ACIM.

Question on Messages & Symbols: I have been feeling alone a lot lately and continue to meditate almost every day when I can. I keep thinking someone will be able to shed some light on all of the messages and symbols I am receiving. I see blue and purple orbs too and lately have been seeing a lot of symbols in the orbs. I feel I have no one to talk to about it.

Answer: Many people are in the process of awakening and as a result may see colored lights, commonly referred to as spirit orbs, symbols, and receive telepathic messages so don’t feel alone. We are NEVER alone and always have unseen guides with us. When meditating you can ask your guides what the symbols or messages mean. I’ve found that I’m consciously aware of what it is I am to know when I’m ready to know it.

There are a wide variety of reliable resources. Just key in the words you wish further guidance on into a reliable Internet search engine such as Duck Duck Go to start researching what you see and hear. Also, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek deals very heavily with symbols and sacred geometry so you may wish to start your research there.

Question on Channeling: I have begun to spontaneously channel things beyond conscious knowing. Is this a telepathic flow with my higher self?

Answer: Many people are now awakening to their natural abilities as channels to assist with the transition into the New Earth. First, and foremost, assure yourself that your source is coming from higher realms. If the source demands, preaches, demeans you or causes fear it is not from a higher realm source. Higher realm sources will be loving, empower, guide and teach you.

Create a list of questions for your Higher/Inner Self, enter into a relaxed and receptive state, and allow the answers to flow into your consciousness. Record the answers in writing or verbally into a tape recorder, then decide what you want to do with the information you receive.

When I first began to channel, the information that came through seemed from my departed son and eventually helped me to focus on clearing away negative programming so I could be a better person. I was able to see through many of the illusions that my ego used to control me. Find a free workshop on channeling at
Soul Tapping With SAM

Question on Awareness: I’m confused by the saying in Book One, “we’re in ego, or at least not love, if we are anything but wholly joyous.” People find me obnoxious when I’m wholly joyous and the whole ego thing is like trying to separate ourselves. To me being whole means loving all of me and not just the part that isn’t ego. From our level things might appear one way. From another perspective they might be something else entirely.

Answer: Yes, ” From our level things might appear one way. From another perspective they might be something else entirely.” There are many states of awareness to wade through here on earth. That fact is clear as you read each book in the Lightworker’s Log book series, for each book is written at a different state of awareness. Yes, “being whole means loving all of me and not just the part that isn’t ego.” We love ego and accept the experiences ego has led us through, recognize them and transmute the less than desirable ones to Light. Then we fill that space with more light and allow the Inner Self to drive 🙂

Question on Timing Our Purpose: So what if you’ve known your purpose for a while now but just don’t know how to make it happen?

Answer: We are being guided and led based on our awareness. Everything happens through Divine Timing. Be open to synchronicities. For instance, when someone mentions something you’ve been thinking about, listen carefully. Hints from the Universe can be very subtle. Tap into your Inner Self through meditation. Still your mind and pay attention to those messages you receive constantly. Ask questions and you will receive answers. Remember, you’ll “know how to make it happen,” when the timing is right things will FLOW.

Question on Duality: If we are all light and come from the one source, then why are some spirits on the wrong side and others on the right. I have an earth bound spirit and my guides have told me he has to learn other ways. But light workers tell me he has to go to the other side. My guides have told me love is the key. I just can’t seem to find completion with my life and my story. Things keep getting in the way. I often think about the polarity, “If Satan speaks to you would you think it to be God. And If God speaks to you would you think it to be Satan. I can only write about my experience because that is what I know. Do I care what people think? Do I need a head doctor? The light workers are all wonderful and healing. I wish it were that easy. Me, One, All

Answer: It is as easy as knowing there is no duality in the One in which we live, and move, and have our BEing in. We are all a part of One, a part of God, each and every one of us. In the course of our experience as souls, we decided to forget who we really are and to expand the wholeness of One. We became denser and denser. We decided to see what it was like to live in duality believing in Light and dark, God and Satan, good and bad. On earth it is the game we play. Unconditional Love is the key. As humans we put too many layers between ourselves and God, Oneness. As fragments we all have our own plan to return but ALL shall 🙂 We Are Literally Light, part of One. Your soul will prompt you when it’s time to end the game and wake up to the fullness of our True Nature.

Question on Life-Changing Years: I think this is a life-changing year for me. I’ve also noticed a great change in the weather over the past few years and feel this year is going to be more of a challenge.

Answer: Yes, this is a life-changing year for all of us. As some of us settle more into our version of heaven, others will move dark energies out to make way for more light to enter. We must get rid of the darker, negative energies to make room for the new ones. And when it’s time for those new things to come into our life we’ll be ready for them. Nature is also cleansing herself making way for the Light. Every time there is a change in weather such as an earthquake or hurricane, it rids Mother Earth of lower vibrating energies and makes room for higher energies to fill their space.

Question on Psychic Attacks: Is there a dark energy that can attack you? It feels like something strong is trying to hold onto me physically and energetically, and with it comes intense negative thoughts. I feel like I’m going crazy.

Answer: First, let me preface this with, “All beliefs are real to the believer.” There is only One, a perfect and Divine Consciousness, but parts of that One (namely humanity) decided to experience dualistic life on earth. This world is an illusion of our own making. The only things that exist are the things we create through our thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes, even though our thoughts are positive, we may sense negative energies. Negative thought-forms are created through fears and angers.

Some people note that a healthy and strong energetic body (aura) is essential to ward off psychic attack. They say that auras are weakened by disease, repressed and negative emotions, smoking, drug or alcohol use. Some, including myself, note that if you maintain an overall feeling of love and protection from the Universe, raising your body’s vibration, nothing negative can harm you (unless you recognize and allow it to). Affirmations, stated with heart-felt emotion, are a great way to cement this belief. For instance, you could say “I am one with the Divine Light of protection and always surrounded by only energy that is for my highest good.”

Purifying body, mind, and emotions helps a great deal. It allows for greater Light to take the place of fears, and angers. I personally went through the sage, smudge sticks, affirmations, and spiritual practices. Now I know only energies on my own vibration level can connect with me. There was a time when I was sleeping, in a hotel, and felt a dark energy looming over me. At first, I was fearful but remembered I am part of the Divine Light in which we live. I asked if it was from the Light, and before letting it answer, let it know that I was part of the Divine Light and only Light could interact with me. It left, but returned the next morning and I did the same thing. I was in that hotel room for at least a few days after that. It did not return.

Know that your guides and angels are always ready and waiting to protect you. If you feel that protection is necessary ask them to help. The key is knowing that nothing can harm you for you are, and always will be, a part of the Divine Light in which we live. Envision the pure white energy of light, directly from Source, emitting from your heart’s center. Let this Light envelop you in a cocoon of Divine Love and radiate that Light out. Anything not of the Light will dissipate very quickly.

Question on Waking: I am going through awakening at an alarmingly fast pace and finding it hard to cope with. It is scary at times but I am constantly opening up to it all. People think I am crazy because all these feelings and thoughts are going on in my head. Is this normal?

Answer: My Dear One, First, just take a deep breath and breathe in the Light that surrounds you.

Ahhhh, that’s so much better 🙂

Awakening (ascension), basically means a change in how we view the world around us. This world is a schoolroom where we come to learn the lessons of our soul. Currently, we are feeling many strange symptoms. Check out this PDF: Twelve Signs of Your Awakening Divinity. Here is another resource for you:

Facebook Ascension Symptoms Support Group. Read what others are going through and share your own experiences. And know that all is well.

Question on Staying Positive: It seems that I am always in conflict with the people around me. I have been working on using positive affirmations but every time I watch television or read the news my thoughts stray to the negative side. What can I do?

Answer: I found a vast improvement in how I thought once I stopped watching television or reading the newspapers. Living a richer life of positivity in perfect health where all your needs are met is a reality for some people. The key is to stop the onslaught of negativity from media outlets and other negative sources, monitor your thoughts, words and deeds, and use the practice of positive affirmations to mold your experience.

Notice the difference in your mood when you replace the television and news with positive life-affirming music (Two great sources:Karen Drucker and Anthony Burbidge.) and self-help resources Resources) and books. Associate with people you feel comfortable with avoiding those that dwell on negativity. Allow your mind to focus only on the positive choosing to think “out of the box” creating greater possibilities when a choice needs to be made. And pay attention to how you act around others for that’s your clue as to whether you need to concentrate more on positive changes.

Question on Car Accidents: I have been in two car accidents over the past three years and am at a loss as to why. I was rear-ended in both accidents and I was not even driving the car the first time. I am a very careful driver and am always aware that someone else may not be. I think a lot about how I’ll probably die in a car accident. People always seem to try and hit my car and I’ve avoided several accidents so I pride myself on being a defensive driver. What’s going on?

Answer: Thanks for sharing. As Ernest Holmes said, thoughts are things. We give more energy to the things we think about so it’s important to dwell only on things you want to happen. One thing you might want to try is picturing different things such as receiving awards for many years of perfect driving or other drivers being courteous to you. Avoid any mention of accidents either in words or thoughts. If by chance they occur immediately neutralize them by using positive affirmations such as “Only good comes to me” and see good things happening to you, preferably things that don’t involve car travel.

I can not stress enough that energy flows where attention goes so paying attention to your thoughts is vital. I tend to not discuss any negative things (but remain aware of those seeming to affect humanity) that I see for giving attention to anything in this world just increases it’s power. I’m much more into concentrating on positive thoughts.

Question on Being Alone: Sometimes I feel so alone it’s hard to get out of bed. Is this normal?

Answer: I’ve spent many years thinking I was alone, but now realize that is NEVER the case. Although we may not see a physical being, there are protective and helpful entities around us 24/7. We are spirits in human form, having the experience our soul chose before our birth. We have the choice to be happy or sad, to make our own version of hell or Heaven. I recently made my first Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, for just myself! And must admit, it was the best meal I ever tasted even though I was physically alone. Know that we all have a multitude of angels and guides that are always around us. We need only to be silent, ask a question, and wait to hear the answer. New energies are abundant. Feel them and relish in them.

From Leilah – Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press: It can happen, when the density rises, that our light becomes dim and we begin to feel alone and frightened and maybe then we let go of the link we have to our companions, and then we do, truly feel alone. But if we call out to Spirit, and ask the golden liquid light of love and wisdom to come to us, it will – filling us with its radiance – for it is that radiance that lights our way in the darkness. It’s like an elixir that provides strength to us, nourishing our souls, nurturing our hearts and flowing through the web of light that connects us all to one another. We are joined in love and we need to remember this. We are not alone and there is so much strength and power that we share with one another through the web – the Inner Net of light – that connects all of humanity as we rise together out of the muck and the mire of the past, into the Light and Truth of our beings – each one of us as our own unique Soul vibration, sharing our world, creating a beautiful tapestry of the story of humanity rising into the vibration of Love and sending reverberations of this love out to the Universe.

Ask your guides and angels to make themselves known and see what happens!!

Question on Treating Pain: Is there another alternative way to treat pain other than acupuncture?

Answer: First, recognize that all thought is energized by the power you give it. Maintaining a positive upbeat state of mind helps greatly. Seek medical attention if you feel it necessary. There are a variety of alternative things you can do to help with pain some of which are sound healing, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and affirmations. Key in the words to a reliable search engine and follow the links to more information.

As noted in A Course in Miracles, our bodies are learning devices for our minds. The body changes as we transmute the denser energies of fear, dis-ease and limitation allowing more room for God to enter. In her book, Dancing in the Light, Shirley MacLaine notes that body pain is unresolved, unreleased karmic impurity. Truly recognizing that you, as everyone around you, is God can free you of pain and dis-ease. “I AM God in health” has wonderful healing powers when repeated. Any affirmation using the words I AM and God will increase your vibration dramatically. Keep positive, avoid negativity in any form and and know you are so very loved 🙂

Question on Past Lives: I hope to get the answers to who I really am from other life times. I feel it plays a huge part in my destiny in this lifetime. Can you offer any advice?

Answer: For past life regression, there are several methods. Some choices are to consult a licensed medical professional, see a medium or regress yourself. The method described at the back of Brian Weiss’ second book Through Time Into Healing is the one I stuck with after verifying my own work with a costly psychotherapist and a psychic-medium. I recorded Dr. Weiss’ words onto a tape recorder leaving spaces for my answers and it worked beautifully. I describe several regressions in my second book, A Change In Perception.

Question on Fragments: Spirits are fragments. So, I have this fragment that needs to connect and be whole. It’s a part of My earth bound spirit. If I bond with it’s energy will that make me whole or burn this fragment? Blessings.

Answer: The fragment is inside of you and you are already whole (it is just the full recognition of that fact that needs to occur.). It is your pure energetic Self. This world and everything in it is an illusion of our soul’s making. Our true form is Light. In a nut shell, pun intended, there is no body, no soul, no spirit, only a perfect, all-loving One. We are a part of that One. We are in the midst of ascension, recognizing our true nature as co-creators. Your thoughts are powerful beyond all belief. Be still and connect with the One. It is in the middle of your chest, a tiny fragment weighing, I believe 21 grams.

Question: I’ve been trying to “loosen the consciousness from the body” so I’ll have more psychic experiences and think fasting will help. I am now looking at what needs to be done in my life to not let the needs of the body dominate. So how do I loosen consciousness and purify the host? Overeating seems to add to the heaviness that keeps one in the material realm. Can you tell me what kind of meal plan you follow? Do you know of a good fasting method?

Answer: Having psychic experiences is just a matter of making sure the host is ready and able to receive the messages, and asking for, and believing they will occur. Remember, what you think about is what you put energy into and therefore “fuel” to occur.

It’s time to recognize that our choices make a difference for they affect our lives. The question is, are you ready to break away from routines that no longer serve you? One of the things I did in 2005 was to begin “purifying the host.” I rarely consume caffeine and alcohol, stopped smoking (in the late 80’s), don’t take drugs (even prescription drugs), rest and eat adequately, drink plenty of spring water, and rarely put anything on my skin. I don’t think body weight makes a difference in consciousness but believe eating heavy meals like a lot of meat may.

Drinking lots of fluid (6-8 cups of spring water besides my other 4-6 cups of fluid) really does seem to make a difference in channeling. Yes, it increases bathroom trips but is worth it 🙂 I avoid fried or fatty foods and lean toward vegan days. Our meal plan changes as our consciousness increases. When I included meat I ate free-range buffalo or beef, without hormones or antibiotics and/or pork about twice a month. It doesn’t seem to make a difference but vegan days, along with organic chicken or turkey is now my preference in 2020.

I am not in the habit of fasting but the Nakamachi Garden Clinic Director, Nobuhiro Yoshimizu M.D., Ph. D., notes great success with this three-day fasting treatment (noted in the book “The Fourth Treatment for Medical Refugees“:

Drink 7-13 ounces of good quality water on the first morning (add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt).

Drink home-made juice made with carrot, spinach, cabbage, banana, tofu, and lemon extract three times a day as a meal. Drink good quality water during the day (up to 1.5 liters per day). Avoid artificially flavored drinks and caffeine. Do not smoke or drink alcohol. Eat a piece of watermelon and melon each day if solid food is needed. Refrain from strenuous exercise.

Maintenance period: Eat porridge as the first meal (on day four) and refrain from meat and fatty food for three days. Drink good quality water. Eat as little solid food as possible. Consume vegetable and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals.

Personally, I have occasionally fasted for a 24-hour period drinking only spring water (bottled at the source) with a bit of Himalayan salt.

Question on Jobs: I was laid off several months ago from a job that I didn’t like. I can’t seem to find another job in the same field and don’t know what to do.

Answer: This is the time when many people find they are no longer suited for jobs they worked for decades because their vibration level now will NOT support it. Your new level of spiritual awareness may carry you in a totally new field, working from home, that brings out your joyful creative aspects. You will get or create the job that is meant for you based on where you are in your spiritual growth so take the time to consider what your ‘dream job’ would look like. Once you know, build upon your ‘dream job’ in every detail right before bedtime.

Question on Letting Go: I have trouble lately finding the same motivation and drive about life in general. There are things that can renew that, a new love for instance, or a satisfying job or endeavor, but there is not such involvement for me right now. Is this time for me to let go and let the direction of my life enfold as it will?

Answer: Some of us are in a holding pattern as old, denser energies are being transmuted to allow more Light into the world. When Divine Timing and Order are appropriate you will sense an urge to change location or some other aspect of your life. One of the most important things I’ve learned is that like attracts like. That means when you are full of positivity, etc. that is what you attract. We can command anything and always could! It just took us a while to realize this. So, think carefully about what you want your dream world to look like while these energies reform the Matrix.

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After Death Communications…WOW!

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After Death Communications…WOW!

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