Humanities Ascension During Chaotic Energies

Beloved Soul Family,

Energies continue to be chaotic for many people. We chose as souls to experience this time of humanity’s ascension and it is up to us to move through them with as little negativity as possible while remaining in the flow of Love and Light. Going with the flow takes little effort. Ego is not very pleased to do this for it means taking a back seat to Spirit, All That Is. And yet, in these times of massive soul growth, it is the only way to BE.

Going with the natural flow means taking a back seat to the physical happenings that seem apparent. These last vestiges of old continue unabated for days to come, while newer, more loving and peaceful, energies fill earth’s atmosphere. Taking into account all that has transcribed over these past few years, one must assure themselves that going with the flow, as opposed to ‘making things happen’ serves one best. As the natural flow of Life continues to mold a better world for humanity, go with the flow. Just BE, relishing in each moment of bliss as it comes, pushing no agendas, but BEing for the sake of living life to its fullest in Truth, in Love, in the Light that your soul came to be.

Find inspiring Book Of One 🙂 videos at Lightworkers Log and Videos. “Radiating Heart Energy” helps to increase loving frequiencies during these momentual times of increasing cosmic energy, making it easier to assimilate the constant onslaught of higher frequiencies. You may also wish to revisit earlier videos in this order:

* Sending White Light 🙂 and for older PC download (right click and “save as”) Sending White Light

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Email me if you are unable to download any of these resources and wish a copy for your own use. Also, Lightworker’s Log books are available through Lightworker’s Log Book Series and the first two books are very good at leading readers towards another viewpoint with excerpts from “A Course in Miracles” and “The Science of Mind.”

“As things quickly unfold, take all changes in stride as necessary. The throes of awakening are upon many more people than ever before and all those on the path ahead are needed to lead. Greatness lies within and calling upon the greatness of I AM serves one best. Let nothing dissuade you from the truth. Ye ARE Gods of Matter.”

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. Comments, questions and suggestions welcome at theContact Page. Support your Self by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion. Introducing Book Of One 🙂 Lightworker’s Log Volume 4! Visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self and the author by purchasing books there and not through greedy corporations. Loving You!

Shine on through the chaos and beyond 🙂

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