Erratically Shifting Realities Create Reawakening

I can’t recall another year when the weather was cooler at this time of year; this morning, after hurricane Ian, it seems in the early seventies. Energies remain intense keeping many awakened humans somewhat confused with body heaviness one day and aches, and pains the next, along with the extreme exhaustion we know so well. Moving through these times is much easier when focused on caring for ones self while listening to the Higher Self within that always guides unerringly. Upon waking, for the fourth or fifth time today, at dawn, I became aware of the inability to hold onto any stream of thought. “There’s nothing to cling to,” I thought for the umpteenth time. A message begins after I silently agree to document it.

I must add that now typing thoughts and messages into the computer is often cumbersome as ‘my’ energies no longer sync with this task and newly typed letters erratically jump up into previous sentences. Nevertheless, below is this morning’s communication.

“The time of gradually shifting realities within the consciousness of the awakened is now gone as shifting of realities continues to occur rapidly, moving one from one state of consciousness to the next before the time to settle in a conscious stream occurs. Know that as these times continue to erratically replace the steady consciousness stream of each unique individual upon a crumbling earth system exacerbates, it is always best to maintain composure, to seek disclosure of only the highest state of awareness, which exists within each human host.

“Know that as the crumbling New Earth continues to rapidly change, dismantling all old systems of thought, the actions of those now within those systems of thought continue to crumble as well, revealing a glorious reawakening of that of which it is, and was, and ever shall be. This magnificence of being will continue to shine forth in those choosing to stay upon a rapidly dismantling structure of consciousness to make way to newer thoughts, newer ways of being upon a New Earth as a conscious individual.

“Know that as these times continue to change the thought systems of all awakened, of all struggling within the consciousness of the unawakened, and of all those individuals on the cusp of awakening, cosmic energies shall continue to infiltrate not only the earth but the life atoms of each individual causing great disturbances in stability. The stability of earth shall continue to waver as these gross changes occur. Know that the focus of ones consciousness carries one into states of duality and it is best to remain in a neutral state, consciously aware of what may be referred to as the ‘uppermost consciousness’, the true beingness within all that was, and is, and ever shall be.

“We are the Sisters and Brothers of Light, firmly settled within and flowing forth from the consciousness of awakened individuals ready, willing, and able to submit a greater consciousness upon the New Earth.”

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