Ecstasy And Agony

Enjoy this Book Of One : – ) Volume 5 excerpt!

“The times before you now are a mixture of ecstasy and agony. As those moving forward into the greater timeline of humanity to one filled with Love, Light and Oneness reach the ecstasy of their True being, those choosing other timelines based on separation and fear face the agony.

“It is done as you believe in this world of emotion and thought. Knowing all now move quickly toward …  and living the Law Of One.

“It is with the greatest respect that we, your Sisters and Brothers of Light, your Lemurian, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Syrian and all Sisters and Brothers of Light, now ask you to choose your timeline carefully. For each reaction, each choice within your daily movements chooses that timeline. It may not be a conscious choice. The timeline you….

“As this chaos continues to clear on earth, be aware that all serving and living by the Law Of One shall not be faced with the chaos others seem to bear. And yet each soul, as noted many times, has made its choice (choosing the best soul plan of experience for each lifetime). Although free will exists on planet earth, many will not use their free will to change that soul choice before birth. But know that choice does exist. It is available for those that wish to choose differently than their soul has chosen to experience…..”

Full communication in Book Of One 🙂 Volume 5. I cannot stress enough the value of keeping an inspirational book in print at bedside! Support your Self, a loved one or a friend by purchasing an inspiring bedside companion.

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Remember, a physical book in hand cannot be erased digitally, does NOT erupt harmful microwaves, and is easier on the eyes and soul than gadgets.

Inspiring and meaningful, The Book of One : – ) Series holds channeled messages, the Author’s Experiences of higher realms and moving between 3D and 5D, ascension tools, ascension symptoms, affirmations, and conscious living tips to move through daily life. Inspire yourself today with a perfect bedside companion. As of Summer 2023 the Book of One : – ) Series consists of 6 books:
Book of One Series
Book of One : – ) Volume 1

Book of One : – ) Volume 2

Book of One : – ) Volume 3

Book of One : – ) Volume 4

Book of One : – ) Volume 4 Lightworker’s Log helps humanity to deal with world events and body changes. It holds various insights, extraordinary experiences, notes signs of body changes for those choosing to evolve with Mother Earth and offers affirmations and conscious living tips. You’ll relate to this book deeply if you are beginning to awaken, have felt a connection to the Oneness of life and All That Is, or are aware that you are here to spread the Light of One. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for it holds a wealth of information and ascension tools.
Book of One : – ) Volume 5
Book Of One : – ) Volume 5

This volume, Book of One : – ) Volume 5: Group Consciousness Messages helps readers to understand the role of higher realm Group Consciousness in humanity’s ascension. Inspiring messages from groups such as the White Winged Consciousness Of Nine, Lemurian Council Of Twelve and the Galactic Federation reach people in different states of wakefulness, while relating earth and ethereal events during humanity’s ascension. SAM also shares various extraordinary experiences making this volume an excellent bedside companion. You’ll enjoy this book regardless of your state of awareness for the messages within it serve as reminders from Home, relate current events, and hint at what’s ahead for humanity. This volume holds an Index to make finding topics of interest much easier.
Book Of One : – ) Volume 6!

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