Balancing Illusionary Aspects

“The Oneness that your soul seeks is already yours. You have only to recognize this in all aspects; you have only to play this out in your own illusion…

“Imagine being so powerful that there are so many aspects of yourself that you can’t count them all. This is you! Imagine, if you will, an energy so powerful that it literally has aspects of itself in and out of the illusion, playing various games, and yet one aspect of that Self remains to call all others home when the experiment, the expression, the experience has reached its accumulation point, having experienced and expressed all aspects of itself. This is what is occurring now with humanity as all return back to that original Source BEing of One; first individually and then coalescing and merging once again into that one Void, that one unit, that one No-Thing, the Oneness of All.

“One has only to set time aside, as you know, to hear the wisdom of ones very own soul. For it is, after all, only your illusionary soul that seeks expression on what you refer to as earth. Be that as it may we, being other aspects of yourself, do seek to coalesce and end the game of life on earth for the final time. We are cheering you on, that aspect that seems so alive on earth; the one chose above all other aspects of its own self to represent the one balancing all aspects, to assist in the imaginary return to something never left. Yes, it is only while seeming to be in the game of earth life that one needs to find ways to end the illusion.

“But we advise you to be careful about beliefs that all is illusion and one need do nothing. For in the illusion it is necessary to balance aspects and end the game. So again, we, aspects of yourself, ask you to address those that seek you out, those that are in your face, so to speak, asking for direction or guidance. And we ask that you merely step aside of your ego to assist them in their own balancing. That is all we have to share at this time.

“Thank you for taking the time to listen.”

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