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Enjoy this excerpt from Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log

“Acknowledgment of a thought—to the one doing the work—brings forth that thought to be cleared from the consciousness, to purge, cleanse, and clear outworn and outdated patterns of thought in order to make room for loftier, more life-affirming patterns of thought within the individual moving toward, and living upon, the New Earth. It is of the utmost concern to ….

“It is with the utmost awareness that one need consciously focus upon each thought as it occurs to consider its value in a New World of Oneness, Truth, and Sovereignty. Clearing the thought streams… referred to as ‘the work of One’.

“Know that as these times continue to burst forth with periods of gross chaos and confusion, intermingled with revealing states of an increased awareness of being, those ready to step forward into new spaces, new paradigms, new models and molds of living shall ….”

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