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Higher Frequency Help For Everyone

“Those of you moving into higher frequencies now know the frequencies left behind are not as malleable. The frequencies left behind are for those to experience gross abnormalities in the human experience of limitation and bondage. The frequencies now experienced by those in the higher vibrations are ones of wonder, of delight, of malleable frequencies allowing multiple states of awareness to occur at any given time. Let all know these frequencies are available to all of humanity. It is only through the conscious effort, of desire to reach and maintain these frequencies, the lower frequencies of reality will clear in time, but not until the desires of those within those frequencies have been exhausted to the fullest extent.

“We, your Sisters and Brothers of Light, wish all to know the frequencies change as the mindset of the human changes. The frequencies change as the desires of the human change. The frequencies change as the experiences of the humans change. It is with the greatest respect and the utmost caution that we ask all to know the guidance is available regardless of the frequency experienced. There are many of what can be referred to as beyond the veils that have experienced gross limitation and abuse that can assist those now within this frequency of experience. There are also many sisters and brothers of light beyond what is referred to as the veil that now experience higher frequencies, frequencies with a vibrational level that is less dense and of a greater frequency that now experience the wonder, the grace, the delight that many humans now strive to reach. It is these higher frequencies that those humans within the 5D realm of existence, as referred to on your earth, can now seek guidance from.

“We your Sisters and Brothers of Light merely guide. We guide those that seek guidance, but it is up to each human to choose the experience and expression it wishes to have at this time. Remember, all things merge, coalesce into true BEingness of Love and Light; and as this merging takes place, more quickly now for some than others, we take our leave knowing those who seek our assistance will ask in due time.

“We are the Sisters and Brothers of Light of the higher frequencies of existence of the very own channel who now relays this message. And keep in mind we are the Sisters and Brothers of Light for those with the resonance to seek the higher frequencies, their own higher frequencies, of experience and expression.”

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