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Trees Of Faith

“Decoration of the New Earth has begun. We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine here to report. Plant trees of faith in your New Earth, faith in the goodness of humanity as a whole. Plant your trees of faith knowing that all on earth will change quickly now as the turmoil and chaos appears to increase. Know that you and many others hold the keys to this New Earth by cementing these thoughts of faith in humanity within your New Earth. Know that as these days continue to increase to a crescendo of mass confusion those that plant these trees of faith will move further into the Oneness of which humanity truly is. Know that many upon your earth have not chosen to experience this Oneness in this lifetime. Be that as it may, all are part of this Oneness and have never truly left it for in Reality all are part of that thing called All That Is. Know that in the dark days ahead the mire of mass confusion will continue for quite some time. But those planting the trees of faith in this New Earth of Oneness will continue to reap the goodness and abundance that humanity now moves toward. Keep the faith in yourselves to do the job you have come to perform and know that all are One everlasting, eternal goodness and Light.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we bid you adieu knowing the faith in your thought form cements the New Earth energies.”

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