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Causes and Manipulations

Enjoy this excerpt from Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log!

“The causes and manipulations of lower consciousness continue to be unprecedented upon and within Planet Earth, but let this not disrupt the inpouring of steady frequencies of higher consciousnesses from leveling the playing field within those ready to adhere to life-affirming principles.

“We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here in consciousness to make it known to all who listen; these days shall not last as long as intended by manipulating forces, but shall be quelled, to great extent, with incoming Cosmic Forces meant to disrupt ill-conceived plans.

“The ….

“Disruptive plans are underway, have been underway and planned for eons of time…since all evolved in denser states with the ability to control. Hence, it is nigh time to remind humanity: the human expression was never meant to be disruptive, nor negative in any manner.

“We shall, as a group of consciousnesses having evolved upon earth, and other planets within the human solar system and beyond, continue to guide and support those on Planet Earth. We do not interfere with individual soul plans but do make a positive difference for the whole of humanity by stemming the effects of those few wishing to maintain power and control at the expense of the many.

“We are available to those ready to listen and be guided, but we caution those wishing to tap into higher frequencies; manipulation is blatant in lower frequencies and one can be clearly deceived when continuing to hold old ways of living upon an ever-changing planet.

“…Know the guidance is always there for the asking but the channel must be clear of disruptive energies to receive.”

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