Heart Mind Synchronization

Enjoy this excerpt from Proficient Wisdom Scratching The Surface: Lightworker’s Log

“Heart-mind synchronization is the key for those desiring to remain in a constant state of 5D, New Earth consciousness. This synchronization of heart and mind allows one to remain within a state of Oneness, addressing all issues with the resonance of the heart and the wisdom of the ageless mind.

“Know that in these coming days, weeks, and months for all of humanity, the times shall be what many refer to as challenging. Yet, for those within the 5D, New Earth remaining in a constant state of heart-mind synchronization these challenges shall be met most gracefully and easily assisting the whole of humanity and the higher realms of Consciousness from which it derived. Know that as these challenging times continue to come in spurts more quickly to soon seem as a constant stream of issues and challenges, distractions taking one out of the awareness of Oneness, Truth, Love and Light, those remaining synchronized with heart-mind consciousness shall continue to assist those ready and able to seek out assistance with challenges not yet addressed to be cleared, allowing one to move into the 5D, New Earth.

“It is with the greatest of respect and honor that we the White Winged Consciousness of Nine continue to assist what seems as separate aspects within a humanity experiencing and expressing upon an earth that continues to dismantle old habits, old ways and propensities of living and being. As the distractions continue attempts to ….”

I cannot stress enough the value of being aware of what ‘s occurring on multiple levels of Consciousness by tapping into your own source of Ageless Wisdom, avoiding manipulation, and inspiring yourself with material that raises the body’s frequency! Perception is EVERYthing, Frequency, rate of Vibration…

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