Grand Awakening of Self

“We are here to share news of your sisters and brothers upon this earth. We are the Lemurian Council of Twelve here to help humanity at this time. We are you in another form, another level of awareness, another state of consciousness and we tell you now, you are all Lemurians. You are all Lemurians from your past lives and this is why you, as souls, chose to come to earth (in your awareness) at this time.

“Many earth changes lie before you. Many changes in the state of consciousness for humanity occurs now and will continue to occur as all move forward to the awareness of one state of Being, the state of consciousness in which all aspects of the Whole first arrived on earth. This is the state from which humanity chose (as a Whole) to experience, denser and denser forms of BEing. Humanity now returns to the original state of awareness as all unseen realms watch from other states of awareness.

“Be assured no one will be left behind in this Grand Awakening of Self. No one will be left to fend for one’s small self. You need merely ask for assistance to receive it. We are the Lemurian Council of Twelve here to assist.”“This event will take some time in the small minds of self, the self of each soul on earth. But be assured it has already occurred. We are here to assist as humanity moves through this process. And we do so in your various states of awareness, meaning we assist each aspect of the Whole based on their current human state of awareness.

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