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Perfection, Your Truth!

“Perfection exists in each human form. Each form is unique in all aspects to experience what the soul has come to experience. All souls are only one aspect of One…
the origins of each soul within the field of separation… Each soul is unique.

“As each body forms within the field of separation, it takes on a unique personality. The personalities exist with the function to meet the requirements designed by the soul. All personalities are designed with the function to meet the requirements designed by souls. As one moves though this process of returning in all aspects to the beingness of which it truly is, it is vital to acknowledge the perfection in each form. Acknowledging this perfection not only brings one closer to the Oneness in which it never left but helps one to realize its own uniqueness and perfection.

“Again, we the White Winged Consciousness of Nine relate, each physical form is unique in all aspects of being within the field of separation. Each form has a particular personality to experience the requirements its soul has set forth for each life.

“We are the White Winged Consciousness of Nine and we wish all to know, to remember, there is no separation. Although the field of separation appears to exist in the small mind of one it is but an experience of fleeting souls that never were and never shall be. But the consciousness of One, the consciousness of Oneness exists in all realities (although it may remain unrecognized). There is but One and all are part of this One, unique aspects of all things.”

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