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Awakening Sheep

“Leaving all causality affords one a greater glimpse of realities beyond what seems as the current one. Staying tuned in to one’s own source of wisdom serves best at this and all times. Readying oneself to receive incoming cosmic frequencies, to assist with changing frequencies of thought waves and opportunities abound as one stays clear of outside interference.

“Let no one stop you from listening to the true voice within that is always filled with Light and Love. A steady forward pace is always recognized and achieved by those maintaining a higher vibrational rate. Know that in coming days there shall be many gross changes upon Planet Earth, all meant to bring in what can be referred to as those sheep who have strayed from the truth of existence. All is held within the boundless, nameless all that is, was, and ever shall be, ever evolving in its own consciousness, even when unaware of the Oneness in which it abides. Steer clear of outside interference to keep a steady flow of non-local reality aspects all ready to support and guide those willing to move out of the matrix of false beliefs.

“There is and never shall be separation, and it is only in the recognition of Oneness that one moves quickly along the Path of awakening, while incorporating lost aspects of one’s self via recognition that all is held within.

“We leave it at that knowing full well the channel through which we aspects of higher consciousness communicate knows that each situation, circumstance, and person assists in evolution when fully recognized as part of ones very own self.”

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