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Following A Different Path

“If rightly dealt with in proper context, the world can be as you wish. Each thought, word and circumstance is, relatively speaking, a world not only within the mind and seeming body but a construct that can be easily dealt with, and dissolved, using emotional feeling and thought in relative ways, for as the world continues to seem to unfold and act out upon one’s self, it is merely for the one to know beyond a doubt all things are relative, passing at some point in time. And if one can allow ones own thought system to know this truth beyond a doubt, to focus on other truths, to keep the mind busy in other ways the so-called thought, circumstance dissipates quickly. Replacing one thought, one emotion with another of opposite meaning secures a different path to follow.

“Know that in these times of quickly changing consciousness, each Higher Self within each human individual is always available to unfold and assist while seeming to motor through these times of evolutionary unfoldment.”

Remember, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY and what we focus on FEEDS IT TO EXIST!


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