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Fears, Worries and Latent Abilities

There are often those who are misguided in thinking they tap into Source energy. Here are a few tips to those moving toward this long-lost ability.

Frequency changes when tapping into higher realms. The body begins to vibrate at an advanced level, sometimes in the beginning shaking as it adjusts. With this change in frequency comes a change in temperature. The body begins to feel heat as this frequency increases. Some may not wish to withstand this change in frequency and so tap into the astral energies to avoid it.

Those wishing to tap into these higher realms, available to all, must prepare their host. Knowing that a host free of negativity makes a better channel of higher realms. Ponder these words:

Do I wish to be a channel of higher realms?
Am I willing to let go of all I know of how the world revolves and devolves?
Am I willing to change all beliefs to recognize that I AM the Creator?
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