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Farcebook Tries To Block World Service

EVERY TIME for the past two weeks that I log onto Farcebook it blocks me in some manner. First, noting that someone tried to access my account so I must AGAIN secure it, next noting that “unusual activity” has occurred, and now making me repeatedly log in, asking for more ‘devices’ and more personal information. Many times they hide my page so everything posted since I was guided to post in 2009 is hidden. If this is happening to you just refuse to comply and then log in on another day. The more you interact with this aberrant and disruptive ai technology the lower your physical body vibrates taking you off-center, and the more ai trains itself on human behavior (especially yours). Notably, you may not connect to farcebook using a desktop computer with an Internet cable that can be disconnected as desired, but find a way to log off farcebook and delete all memory of your visit.

Despite it all, it is with the greatest respect that I serve humanity in as many human ways possible, watching those hopelessly lost in the struggle to maintain a status quo that will never return, while asking those able to come forth and assist humanity by sharing their unique gifts and talents. Let us each continue to allow the flow of Source to be our true guide, knowing as we still seem in physical form it is for a reason, and that reason may be using our unique piece of the puzzle to reach and merge as many aspects of our self (as part of the Oneness) until the task is complete and we seem to leave physicality.

On another note, most of the information published in The Lightworker’s Log Book Series was, and some still is in later volumes, ahead of it’s time, meaning that warnings are received well ahead of the conditions. For instance, information published in Book of One : – ) Volume 5 confirmed my sixth sense to avoid falling into the plandemic trap. SAM 🙂

And Now, From Alice A. Bailey and The Tibetan Master, Djwhal Khul: “You are, as you endeavor to wield spiritual force constructively and selflessly, far more potent than you realize. If you add to this realization the recognition that you are not alone in this, but that people with a vision similar to yours and with the same ideals and spiritual aspiration are to be found in every country without exception of any kind, in every religion, group and organization, then indeed you can go forward with courage and with hopeful faith…let us go forward in unison with our brothers everywhere, conscious of opportunity, of strength, of responsibility and of the joy of service.” (y) https://samiamproductions.com/wp/5d-living-moving-beyond-service-to-self/ (y) https://samiamproductions.com/wp/ever-changing-service/ (y)

As an aside, of all of Dr. Shavi’s articles, I think this one should be read and considered by everyone on the planet… https://www.disclosurenews.it/cosmic-frequency-news-17-june-2024-solar-intensity-building-again/