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Galactic Federation Message

“The Galactic Federation wishes all to know the niceties you see will disappear in coming months (getting the impression the so-called new virus is designed to change the world on a global scale). As this time/space continuum continues to change and morph, the crystalline substances of those ready to morph with earth change as well.

“Yet there are those not willing to forgo these changes. The personas of those not willing to forgo these changes will continue to move to what many refer to as the ‘dark side.’ Those experiencing the darker aspects of the small self, of the little mind, will experience a cleansing, a purging unlike any other in your time/space continuum. Those experiencing the crystalline changes within the form in the small mind will forgo these negative aspects to experience the lighter aspects within your time/space continuum. The lighter aspects within your time/space continuum are those of greater unity with earth and all upon her.

“This duality will continue for quite some time on your earth. We, The Galactic Federation are available to assist those wishing to nurture the sense of Oneness.”

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