Neutrality Versus Redesign

Today’s world offers a plethora of probabilities and possibilities in as much as there are now several possibilities to move forward in consciousness and several of the same to move backwards, yet again. But within these probabilities and possibilities there lies two very distinct modes of consciousness, if you will, and those aspects are the duality of light and dark, either moving humanity more into the lighter aspects of consciousness or the more denser aspects.

Alas, for very few (1%) the possibilities of moving backwards have now dissipated for humanity, and indeed consciousness as a whole, continues to move forward and release the denser aspects within the illusion of form, space and time.

It is not, nor shall it ever be, prudent to remain in the denser aspects of thought within ones own consciousness, but to be aware of the grander possibilities of redesigning a new and much lighter world of more love for ones self and others, of equaling the playing field for all players, and of carrying as much light as possible to avoid further delays in the progression towards lighter aspects of expression and experience.

There are now within and upon earth, and yes beyond it as well, those that are paying close attention to what is occurring within the densest realm of earth, and these aspects of consciousness are making sure that the game of earth life moves forward, no longer to tarry in the midst of forgetting or controlling within the earth’s atmosphere or beyond it. Make no doubt that these aspects of consciousness will become more apparent in coming days. As all else slips away, never to be experienced nor expressed again, the new redesign team of those on earth will assure a more level playing field for all involved.

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we aspects of lighter densities now move forward to assure the further cementing of earth’s new lighter aspects.

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