Egoistic Aspects Play Their Hand

Based on A Course in Miracles (ACIM), what may be considered a higher perspective, all thoughts are the illusion of the believer. So why does one imagine chaos? It seems that these aspects of self must be embraced wholly to dissipate all thoughts of separation. And yet, is this not ego’s continuing belief to believe in separation that also believes these aspects must now be incorporated, thereby keeping one in the matrix of illusion?

Based on one aspect of consciousness, one may say chaotic events occur to assist those involved with balancing all experiences within the field of consciousness, while seeming to be a unique aspect lost in the matrix of illusion (balancing karmic-filled lives as an soul, but on the other hand allowing ego to keep one locked in the maze by believing in separation). These aspects are now returning to full consciousness, life by life, in a much condensed manner as the ethers thin, for experience is now condensing into what appears to be denser and more tightly packed slots of time. As time continues to dissipate by condensing experience in more densely packed moments to advance into the dissipation of nothingness, chaotic events seem to occur more rapidly, with results happening much sooner in the spectrum of time than in previous years, eons, if you will. And as each moment of chaos continues to seem to affect what appears as ‘others’ outside oneself, the incorporation of these ‘others’ continues at a rapid pace when one acknowledges the aspects within, aspects of ego, creating separation through what appears as people that make these illusions possible.

Allow what seems outside yourself to unfold in its own manner. Stay clear of the chaos as much as possible and know each event occurs and unfolds as it is directed by higher aspects of consciousness. This may seem confusing but seeming to be a separate aspect, apart from ‘others’ makes this possible. For as one stands back to watch things unfold, one also gives up the notion of control or involvement. Remember, all aspects of the Whole within the illusion continue to exist with egos in place that strive to keep souls in a state of separation. Accepting that what seems as ‘others’ is really an aspect of other parts of ones own ego will help to move through what appears as aspects of consciousness such as family members acting out against the very loved ones that have nurtured them throughout life, and now seem to be acting out against the love of (their own) self.

Remember, the matrix illusion continues to build and dissipate with emotion and thought. Continue the practice of loving what appears as a unique self, and allow the rest to disappear. Radiate love throughout what seems to be the physical body and out into the field of consciousness, without focusing on individual aspects of consciousness. For when one focuses on individual aspects, one cements them in consciousness and feeds the thought of separation. This may not be easy to do nor understand but, remain in the flow. Do not seek outside the flow that continues to surround what appears as ones own state of consciousness.

We are aspects of your self assisting, as required by your own egoistic consciousness.

It seems that following ACIM beliefs/information will be best to do as egoistic aspects of consciousness play their hand in the card game of life. One may wish to stand back and engage only when asked to do so, and then only from the consciousness of one’s Higher Self.

Experiences of good often increase when we concentrate on inspirational thoughts. E-mail comments and questions at the Contact Page and visit SAM I AM Productions to support your Self as we collectively move through these chaotic times. Loving You!

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