Return To Light: John Of God Helps

We each play our earth role and despite our unique personalities, which may at one point become less than desirable, many of us such as John of God make a huge difference in assisting humanity!

Description: Return to Light:
John of God Helps relates the unfolding journey of wayshower SAM as she opens her mind to new ideas and valuable insights. SAM’s Brazilian adventure unfolds as she shares the fruits of experience, channels on the Lightbody, and inspirations to encourage and arouse us. She openly shares personal aspects of her journey while learning of different methods to expand the Light. As participants move though unique journeys, SAM finds a way to continue living within her own belief system, without succumbing to the intense energies permeating this land of opportunity.

Various degrees of Truth reside within the confines of Casa de Dom Inacio (House of Saint Ignatius) but the dis-ease within all lessens for Medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, known as John of God, is truly a unique channel through which legions of multi-dimensional realities flow. The popular Brazilian healer helps many souls calibrate and become more in harmony with the perfect One of All That Is.

This book helps to open minds to new ways of thinking and living and prompts change in long-held beliefs. The Casa is a place of incredibly profound experiences and this book relates an inkling of what occurs when one visits John of God. Return to Light: John of God Helps contains twenty-six photos with spirit energies.

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