The End Of My Soap Opera Life :-) Book Two: A Change In Perception

The End Of My Soap Opera Life 🙂 Book Two: A Change In Perception

  “A Change In Perception ~ Book Two By SAM.

A Change in Perception


Description: A Change In Perception explores steps of increasing awareness, offering a beginning blueprint to Oneness for those seeking a deeper spiritual life. This inspiring, life-altering memoir describes the continuing unfoldment of a lightworker’s journey as a bereaved mother begins to see the world and herself differently. Life changes when SAM begins to channel messages from other dimensions and learns that the laws of physics no longer apply. It begins to improve as she reclaims the power to make different choices. A Change In Perception documents increasing awareness through frequent metaphysical, psychic, and spiritual experiences and offers inspiration and ideas for going beyond the five senses to connect with the invisible reality that underlies physical form.

This is the perfect book for readers feeling bound by beliefs that no longer satisfy the needs of their soul. It shows we are limited only by thoughts and resonates deeply with readers living in the drama of life, offering insights, hope, and inspiration.

Reviews: “An essential read for those of us who are on a new soul’s journey. SAM shares valuable insights, and opens her heart in a sincere loving effort to help others to reveal the perfection that is, and always has been within each of us. This book utilizes a unique method of retrospective comparison and expresses new ideas and valuable insights. As you peruse the pages, listen for those flashes of intuition, open your mind, and get ready for, shift to happen!”

Rev. Heidi M. Peck – Center for Spiritual Living Foothills

“Many of us are seeking a higher purpose and deeper meaning than the material pursuits and distractions our time offers. We so often miss opportunities to experience joy and creativity, locked into pressures of keeping up with a rapidly changing world that keeps us engaged in mundane activities, or more so, locked into old subconscious patterns that perpetuate dysfunctional relationships, keep us in separation and fear, and blind us to our own potential.

“In the end, we do not find the meaning in life, we give meaning to life. SAM takes us on her journey of awakening consciousness that begins with the shock of a terrible tragedy, the loss of a beloved son. That SAM finds the strength to overcome her grief as well as debilitating illness is a tribute to her willingness to open up to the world of the spirit and allow its many messages to touch, heal and inspire her toward a new way of being and perceiving. SAM shares with us the fruits of her explorations, lessons and inspirations in a way that cannot help but encourage and arouse us on our own journeys.”

Elisse Tappe, a fellow traveler

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