“Let’s discuss distractions today, shall we? As mom channels this, she is dealing with the distractions of street traffic, a small dog barking, and people talking periodically. This is the state humanity now finds its self in, dealing with distractions as it tries to recognize the true state of affairs on many different levels. “I’d … Continue reading Distractions

Living With Distractions

As this message came through, a small plane circled above the entire time. I’m now looking for the local Ben & Jerry’s that has free ice cream until 8 pm! “How can we appreciate living in the present moment when we keep dwelling in the past? This is the issue of many in physical form, … Continue reading Living With Distractions

NEVER Before!

Never before in the history of humanity have we experienced the purging, clearing, cleansing and transmuting that occur constantly now. In this time of massive change, we are moving through states of awareness quicker than many can even begin to comprehend, and currently during a geomagnetic storm of intensity (G3) unmatched by any I’ve felt … Continue reading NEVER Before!

Spiritual Self Unfolding Amid Increasing Chaos, Confusion, And Turmoil

“As earth passes through yet another portal of awareness, those humans not ready leave by the wayside. It is with the greatest pleasure that we of higher realms, greater states of consciousness, within all of humanity watch, guide, and support those ready to pass through these portals of increasing consciousness of the unfoldment of the … Continue reading Spiritual Self Unfolding Amid Increasing Chaos, Confusion, And Turmoil

Energetic Transport Of Ideas

“The illusion of transport of ideas continues to occur on planet earth. Knowing this energetic transport occurs in many forms makes one more aware of the mind in which they exist and live within their own physical form. It is yet for a short time that the energetic transport of ideas upon planet earth will … Continue reading Energetic Transport Of Ideas

Humanity’s Great Awakening

All beliefs are real to the believer and that knowledge is becoming more visible in the illusion of earth daily. More and more humans are awakening to their spiritual magnificence as these times reveal gross distortions. Continue to travel within the bounds of Love and Light to avoid being pulled into what seems as a … Continue reading Humanity’s Great Awakening


ConfessiON: It’s the what appear as ‘little’ things in life that keep me going, doing what I do, despite all the personal, local and global distractions. And today I got a doozy of a message as I mopped the hall. Upon hearing raps on the frosted bathroom window, I pulled the shower curtain aside thinking … Continue reading ConfessiON

Awakening Mass Consciousness Brings Fury Of Chaos

“Your world is spinning out of control and you must focus on the world you wish to live within. Remember, your focus determines your reality. It is with your reaction, your thought, your very actions and words that your world is built. Remember as mass consciousness awakens it also awakens to a fury of chaos, … Continue reading Awakening Mass Consciousness Brings Fury Of Chaos

Nervous System Rewire

“Knowing as you do the falsities of the world, the seed of thought, of righteousness, continues. Now, vestiges of old are securely in place. We, the White Winged Consciousness of Nine, wish all to know the times before you now will be arduous at best for those continuing to believe in separation. The separation in … Continue reading Nervous System Rewire